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5 Timeless MLBB Heroes That Will Always Be Effective No Matter the Meta

Phyre Kimble

Pharsa: The Versatile Queen of the Crows

Pharsa, the queen of the crows, is a hero with skills that offer great versatility. Her Energy Impact skill allows her to clear minion waves easily, while Curse of Crow can stun multiple enemies. Feathered Air Strike is considered one of the best zoning abilities in the game, making her a formidable force. Additionally, her Wings by Wings skill enables her to move swiftly across the map, making her an excellent mobile zoning queen. With her passive ability adding slows and damage, Pharsa is an easy-to-learn hero who can fit into any team composition.

Chou: The Lightning-Fast Martial Artist

Chou, inspired by martial artists, is known for his incredible speed. His first two skills, Jeet Kune Do and Shunpo, are dashes that allow him to initiate, disengage, or traverse the map effortlessly. His ultimate skill, The Way of Dragon, combines a knockback and a stun, making him a threat to the enemy backline and side laners. Chou’s mobility is a game-changer in team fights, whether it’s getting up close and personal or diverting the attention of the opposing team.

Gusion: The Mobile Burst Assassin

Gusion is a hero who excels in both burst damage and mobility. His ultimate skill, Incandescene, resets the cooldowns of his first two skills, allowing him to eliminate enemies before they have a chance to fight back. By building magic damage and penetration items, Gusion becomes one of the most lethal mage assassins in the game, especially against vulnerable backline supports or late-game carries. Despite other assassins gaining attention, a skilled Gusion can still be unbeatable.

Jawhead: The Chaos Creator

Jawhead’s signature skill is throwing, quite literally. His second skill, Ejector, can throw targets around the map, disrupting the rhythm of the opposing team. This skill can also target creeps and monsters, frustrating opponents who were about to secure a buff. Additionally, Jawhead deals significant damage and offers a stun with Unstoppable Force. If you enjoy creating chaos and confusion, Jawhead is the hero for you.

Claude: The Mobile Marksman

Despite being one of the oldest heroes in the game, Claude remains a reliable pick in the gold lane and jungle. His Battle Mirror Image skill provides unmatched mobility in team fights. His Blazing Duet skill is unique for a marksman, allowing him to jump into the middle of a team fight using Battle Image Mirror and unleash his ultimate to deal massive damage to everyone in the area. He can then reactivate Battle Image Mirror to return to his original position within seconds. If you’re looking for a hero that is both fun and powerful, Claude is the perfect choice.

Hero Skills
Pharsa Versatile skills with wave-clearing, stunning, and zoning abilities
Chou Lightning-fast mobility with dashes and crowd control
Gusion Burst damage and high mobility for quick eliminations
Jawhead Disruptive throwing skills and high damage output
Claude Unmatched mobility and burst damage for team fights

These heroes have proven their effectiveness throughout the ever-changing meta of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Whether you’re a fan of versatile mages, lightning-fast martial artists, mobile burst assassins, chaos creators, or mobile marksmen, these heroes will always have a place in the game.



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