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Ranking the Best Bee Skins in League of Legends


12. Beekeeper Singed

Singed has traded his chemist career for beekeeping, donning a beekeeper suit and carrying a hive and honeycomb shield. The recall animation is a bit unsettling as a bee emerges from Singed’s hat.

11. Beezahar

Beezahar is a bee-themed skin for the Prophet of the Void. Inspired by Marvel’s Wasp, Beezahar features small purple wings and voidlings that resemble large bees. The Void Shift shield may trigger trypophobia.

10. Heimerstinger

Heimerstinger’s bee skin covers the Summoner’s Rift with bee turrets. He wears an adorable bee headgear and his bee bots are cute. This is the cutest skin for Heimerdinger.

9. BZZZiggs

BZZZiggs transforms Ziggs into a bee-themed champion with a flower field. His Hexplosive Minefield becomes a blossoming garden, and his Mega Inferno Bomb hurls a massive beehive. Ziggs himself gets a makeover with a fuzzy yellow hairstyle and antennae.

8. Orbeeana

Orbeeana turns Orianna into a bee fairy with a petal skirt, neckpiece, and tiny bee wings. Her ball becomes a motorhome for her bee familiar, and her Command: Protect ability encases allies in a golden honey shield.

7. King Beegar

King Beegar is a yordle sorcerer leading the Bee-sistance against the Queen Bee. The skin features stunning effects, especially in Veigar’s E ability where he conjures pink flowers onto the battlefield.

6. Nunu & Beelump

Nunu & Beelump is a bee skin that showcases the yeti and his friend Nunu having a great time. Nunu wears a bee hoodie, and instead of a snowball, he rolls a giant honey ball with a bee inside. The recall animation shows them joyfully lying in a bed of daisies.

5. Bee’Maw

Bee’Maw transforms Kog’Maw into a cute insect with bulky antennae and a hexagon print between its eyes. His abilities create paths of honey and summon raging bees. The ultimate ability sprouts a pink flower and summons a bee that explodes into honey.

4. Beezcrank

In Beezcrank, Blitzcrank is controlled by a small bee, using honey to stick opponents. His metallic arm becomes a massive honey dipper, and he pulls champions closer with its stickiness.

3. Yuubee

Yuubee is a bee-themed skin for Yuumi, featuring a cat cosplaying as a bee. Yuumi wears a bee outfit with a flower on her head and a striped tail with a beehive. Her abilities encapsulate allies in a glowing ball of honey, and her ultimate ability showcases various spring patterns.

2. Bee’Koz

Bee’Koz is a unique skin where Vel’Koz takes on the form of a bee. He controls the Void-spawn’s body to unleash sticky beams on enemies. The design is unconventional but skillfully executed.

1. Beemo

Beemo is the cutest bee skin, featuring Teemo in a bee costume with a furry head and tiny gloved hands. He throws shroom hives that burst into sticky honey, and his recall animation includes sprouting coneflowers.

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