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All you need to know about Valorant maps


Discover the unique features of each Valorant map

Valorant’s maps are the foundation of strategic gameplay, influencing player strategies, metas, and agent choices. From the Venice-inspired Ascent to the Moroccan-themed Bind, each map presents unique gameplay mechanics and aesthetics. Top Valorant players study the maps extensively to craft inventive tactics, shaping a constantly evolving competitive scene.

Complete list of Valorant map names

Map Real-life location Release date
Bind Morocco (Rabat) June 2, 2020
Haven Bhutan (Thimphu) June 2, 2020
Split Japan (Tokyo) June 2, 2020
Ascent Italy (Venice) June 2, 2020
Icebox Russia (Bennett Island) October 13, 2020
Breeze Atlantic Ocean (Bermuda Triangle) April 27, 2021
Fracture United States of America (New Mexico) September 8, 2021
Pearl Portugal (Lisbon) June 22, 2022
Lotus India (Western Ghats) January 10, 2023
Sunset United States of America (Los Angeles) August 29, 2023

Explore the unique features of each map


Bind features two one-way teleporters instead of a midsection. Players can use these teleporters to quickly move between A short and B short, or B long and A lobby. The teleporter doors can only be opened by players inside, adding a strategic element to gameplay.


Haven introduces a third spike site without changing the number of ultimate orbs. The doors at Mid have destructible panels that can be destroyed, allowing players to wallbang through the doors for the rest of the round.


Split features ascenders strategically placed across the map, allowing players to move between different areas. It also includes vents for navigation.


Ascent incorporates mechanical doors at its spike sites. Players can open or close these doors using switches, adding a layer of tactical decision-making to gameplay.


Icebox is a unique map with horizontal ziplines at A site. It emphasizes sharp aim, adaptive strategies, and intense skirmishes. The plant sites also have different elevation levels, providing nesting areas accessible via ropes.


Breeze introduces unique features on the A side of the map, including ropes for access to A hall. A mechanical door into A hall can be controlled by switches on both sides.


Fracture features a distinctive design with four neutral quadrants. Defenders and attackers can access different sites at the beginning of each round. Ziplines underneath defender spawn provide tactical movement options for attackers.


Pearl is a straightforward map with a traditional design. It does not incorporate dynamic elements or mechanical hooks, offering a more classic gameplay experience.


Lotus is a three-site map that includes multiple features. It has a third ultimate orb located at mid and includes rope ascenders and rotating doorways.


Sunset is a traditional map with two sites and three lanes. It features a mechanical door between B market and Mid courtyard that can be controlled by players.

By understanding the unique features of each Valorant map, players can develop effective strategies and adapt their gameplay to different environments.


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