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Best Heroes to Counter Beastmaster in Dota 2


Medusa: The Ultimate Beastmaster Counter

Medusa is the perfect hero to counter Beastmaster due to her abilities that work effectively against him. Her Split Shot allows her to quickly and safely clear out his army of creeps, while Mystic Snake can harass him in the lane and slow down his Helm of the Overlord timing. Medusa’s Mana Shield also makes her a formidable tank, allowing her to absorb massive amounts of damage. From the laning stage to the late game, Medusa presents an unbeatable threat to Beastmaster.

Sand King: Clearing Out the Army

While Beastmaster may be a strong offlaner, he still has weaknesses that can be exploited. Sand King’s AOE damage is the key to countering him. With Sand Storm, Sand King can safely clear out Beastmaster’s army while protecting his own buildings. Burrowstrike combined with Caustic Finale can wipe out entire creep waves, and Epicenter deals massive AOE damage and slows. Sand King’s AOE spells, durability, and elusiveness make him one of the best Beastmaster counters in the offlane.

Winter Wyvern: The Support Counter

If you’re not playing a core role but still want to counter Beastmaster, Winter Wyvern is the hero for you. Winter Wyvern’s range allows her to harass Beastmaster in the laning stage, slowing down his timing. During team fights, Cold Embrace provides physical immunity and health regeneration to allies, countering Primal Roar and preventing Beastmaster’s physical damage. Winter’s Curse is a deadly threat to Beastmaster and his minions, forcing their allies to attack them. Splinter Blast is Winter Wyvern’s best tool against creeps, dealing significant damage and slowing them down.

The Best Puck Counters to Stop the Pucker

Puck is a formidable hero, but there are several heroes that can counter its abilities and prevent it from wreaking havoc on your team. Here are the top five Puck counters in Dota 2:

1. Templar Assassin: Templar Assassin’s Refraction provides a shield that blocks Puck’s burst damage, while Psi Blades can hit Puck even when it’s elusive. With Meld, Templar Assassin can burst down Puck quickly.

2. Viper: Viper’s Nethertoxin deals bonus damage to Puck, making it difficult for Puck to sustain in lane. Viper Strike also slows Puck down, preventing it from escaping or initiating fights.

3. Silencer: Silencer’s Global Silence can disrupt Puck’s combo and prevent it from using its abilities effectively. Last Word also punishes Puck for casting spells, making it hesitate before engaging.

4. Outworld Destroyer: Outworld Destroyer’s Astral Imprisonment can keep Puck out of the fight, while Arcane Orb deals pure damage that bypasses Puck’s magic resistance. Sanity’s Eclipse can also burst down Puck quickly.

5. Nyx Assassin: Nyx Assassin’s Spiked Carapace can stun Puck when it uses its abilities, turning the tables on the elusive hero. Mana Burn also drains Puck’s mana, limiting its ability to cast spells.

These heroes have the tools to shut down Puck and turn the tide of the game in your favor. Choose wisely and coordinate with your team to maximize their effectiveness against the Pucker.


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