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Blademail-Heart: The Dominant Item Build in the TI12 Meta

Samuel Crossley

Are you ready to conquer the TI12 meta? Look no further than the Blademail-Heart item build, which has become increasingly popular in recent tournaments and is now reaching its peak at The International 12. This powerful combination is being utilized by strong strength-based heroes like Kunkka, Primal Beast, Earth Spirit, and even unconventional picks such as Ogre Magi.

These heroes exemplify the effectiveness of this build, as they can forgo other items like Blink Dagger on Centaur Warrunner and rely solely on their innate abilities to initiate and catch enemies. By investing in Blademail and Heart of Tarrasque, they transform themselves into unstoppable forces on the battlefield. With their massive health pools, they can absorb tremendous amounts of damage while dealing devastating counterattacks.

How Pro Teams Are Adapting to Blademail-Heart

Pro teams have recognized the power of the Blademail-Heart combo and are incorporating it into their strategies. Ideally, a team should have at least one hero capable of fulfilling the role of a tanky frontliner. Both the mid and offlane positions are suitable for this purpose, allowing for a well-rounded lineup.

While not every hero needs these specific items, any hero that can sustain prolonged fights and deal significant damage simply by existing can fit into this meta. Some teams have found success with heroes like Tidehunter and Spirit Breaker, who excel at soaking up damage and initiating fights.

Additionally, heroes like Muerta, Phoenix, and Dazzle are gaining popularity as both counters and allies in this meta. These heroes possess the ability to endure extended engagements and amplify damage in various ways.

Muerta’s ultimate, Pierce the Veil, bypasses armor and targets magic resistance, a valuable stat now that cheap Hoods of Defiance are no longer available. Phoenix’s Sun Ray inflicts percentage-based damage based on maximum health, while Dazzle can sustain fights indefinitely with Shallow Grave and Shadow Wave. Dazzle’s Bad Juju also reduces enemy armor and enhances allies’ armor, making him a formidable presence.

When these heroes are paired with tanky frontliners, they can fully utilize their abilities. Phoenix and Dazzle, for example, can provide healing and sustain to prolong fights, allowing their beefy allies to wreak havoc. Muerta, on the other hand, can divert attention away from herself and unleash devastating attacks.

Even if you prefer unconventional picks like an Ogre Magi midlane, don’t hesitate to try out the Blademail-Heart build. The success achieved by top midlaners and offlaners at TI12 is a testament to its effectiveness.

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Time Score
10:00 Team A vs. Team B
11:30 Team C vs. Team D
13:00 Team E vs. Team F



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