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Brody: The Painful Lone Star


Brody is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who specializes in inflicting pain on his enemies. His unique passive ability and skill set make him a formidable force on the battlefield. To truly master Brody, players must focus on positioning, timing, and split-second decision making. With the right strategy, Brody can deal massive damage and dominate the game.

Brody’s Skills

Passive – Abyss Corrosion Brody’s basic attacks have a longer animation and lower attack speed bonus, but he can move while winding up his attacks. Each basic attack deals physical damage, increases his movement speed, and applies one stack of Abyss Mark to the enemy. The more stacks of Abyss Mark on an enemy, the more damage Brody deals to them.
First Skill – Abyss Impact Brody launches a shock wave in a designated direction, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies. The shock wave gains extra damage and slowing effect for each enemy hit, as well as applying an additional stack of Abyss Mark. This skill is great for clearing minion waves and harassing enemy heroes.
Second Skill – Corrosive Strike Brody dashes towards an enemy, dealing physical damage, stunning them, and applying one stack of Abyss Mark. After hitting the target, Brody can move again in the direction of his movement wheel, gaining extra movement speed. This skill allows Brody to quickly engage or disengage from fights and catch enemies off guard.
Ultimate – Torn-Apart Memory Brody locks onto all targets within a certain range, dealing physical damage to them. If the target has an Abyss Mark, the marks are reset and additional damage is dealt based on the number of stacks. This ultimate ability is a powerful finisher and can be used to quickly eliminate multiple enemies.

How to Play Brody

Playing Brody requires careful positioning and decision making. Here are some tips to help you maximize his potential:

  • Focus on marked targets: Brody’s damage increases against enemies with Abyss Marks, so prioritize attacking marked targets to deal maximum damage.
  • Master his basic attack animation: Brody’s basic attacks have a unique wind-up animation. Practice timing your attacks to last hit minions and harass enemy heroes effectively.
  • Utilize his mobility: Brody’s passive and skills provide him with increased movement speed and the ability to reposition during fights. Use this mobility to your advantage by constantly repositioning and kiting enemies.
  • Coordinate with your team: Brody is a marksman who excels in team fights. Communicate with your teammates and coordinate your attacks to maximize your impact on the battlefield.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

For battle spell, Flicker is a great choice for Brody as it allows him to escape from dangerous situations or chase down fleeing enemies. Aegis can also be useful for added survivability against burst damage.

As for emblem, the Rupture talent is recommended for its adaptive penetration bonus, which enhances Brody’s poke damage. The Weapon Master talent can further increase his attack power, while Killing Spree provides HP regeneration and movement speed after securing a kill.

Best Item Build for Brody

When it comes to item build, prioritize physical attack items over attack speed. Here is a recommended build for Brody:

  1. Warrior/Tough Boots: Provides movement speed and defense against crowd control effects.
  2. Blade of the Heptaseas: Increases physical attack and provides bonus damage against low HP enemies.
  3. Blade of Despair: Enhances physical attack and deals extra damage to enemies with crowd control effects.
  4. Malefic Roar: Increases physical penetration and enhances damage against turrets.
  5. Wind of Nature: Provides a shield against burst damage from physical attacks.
  6. Immortality: Grants a second chance at life by reviving Brody upon death.

Remember to adjust your item build according to the enemy team composition and the flow of the game.

Easy Combos to Master

Brody’s combos involve layering his basic attacks with his skills to maximize damage output. Here are some easy combos to master:

  • Abyss Impact + Basic Attacks: Use Abyss Impact to slow enemies and apply Abyss Marks, then follow up with basic attacks to deal increased damage.
  • Corrosive Strike + Torn-Apart Memory: Engage enemies with Corrosive Strike to stun them, then use Torn-Apart Memory as a finisher to deal massive damage.
  • Abyss Impact + Torn-Apart Memory: Clear minion waves quickly by using Abyss Impact followed by Torn-Apart Memory.

Practice these combos to become a formidable Brody player and dominate the battlefield!



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