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Brody: The Ultimate Damage Dealer in Mobile Legends


When it comes to marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Brody stands out as the unrivaled powerhouse in terms of raw attack power. While his Attack Speed may be slower compared to others in his class, his Basic Attacks are incredibly potent, allowing him to deal massive damage and dominate his lane.

Not even bulkier tanks and fighters are safe from his brutal assaults. Brody’s passive skill, Abyss Corrosion, inflicts additional physical damage on each Basic Attack, based on a percentage of the enemy’s maximum HP. This enables him to easily chip away at the HP bars of his opponents.

However, to fully unleash his potential, Brody needs to be equipped with the right set of items. These core items amplify his damage output and address his vulnerabilities, maximizing his impact in the game.

Brody’s Core Items in Mobile Legends

1. Blade of the Heptaseas

The Blade of the Heptaseas is an excellent first item choice for Brody. Its stats and unique passive synergize perfectly with his abilities, enhancing his damage output and providing a bit of extra survivability.

This equipment boosts Brody’s Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, and HP, strengthening both his offense and defense. The real game-changer, however, lies in the item’s unique passive, Ambush. It allows Brody to deal additional physical damage to a target if no damage is taken or dealt within a few seconds.

This passive complements Brody’s early game tactics of ambushing enemies and engaging in hit-and-run encounters. By waiting in the bushes and striking when the enemy gets near, Brody can utilize his skill kit to unleash tremendous damage. The Blade of the Heptaseas enhances his Basic Attacks during these ambushes, making them even deadlier.

2. Malefic Roar

No Brody item build is complete without the Malefic Roar. This powerful equipment provides Physical Attack and Physical Penetration, but its primary benefit lies in its unique passive, Armor Buster.

Armor Buster increases physical penetration by a certain percentage for a short duration after using a skill. This aligns perfectly with Brody’s abilities, especially Abyss Impact, which reduces physical defense. When combined with the physical penetration from Malefic Roar, Brody can deal substantial damage, particularly against tanky opponents.

The activation of Armor Buster upon skill use complements Brody’s hit-and-run tactics, making his attacks even more lethal. To fully utilize this item, always engage with Abyss Impact or Corrosive Strike, taking advantage of the increased physical penetration to deal heavy damage with Basic Attacks. Brody’s ultimate, Torn-Apart Memory, can catch multiple enemies off-guard and deal massive damage, further amplified by the Armor Buster passive.

3. Wind of Nature

While Brody can be a force to be reckoned with in the Land of Dawn, he does have one distinct weakness shared by other marksmen – survivability. This is where Wind of Nature comes in handy.

The unique passive of this item, Wind Chant, grants immunity to all physical damage for a few seconds when Brody’s HP drops below a certain percentage. When faced with high-burst physical damage heroes, activating Wind of Nature provides a crucial window for Brody to either retaliate or escape.

Wind of Nature also provides additional Physical Attack, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal, elevating Brody’s survivability even further.

By equipping Brody with these core items, you can unleash his full potential as the ultimate damage dealer in Mobile Legends. Dominate the battlefield and leave your enemies in awe of your devastating attacks!



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