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Catch the Excitement of MPLI 2023 with Your Favorite MLBB Personalities


Over 100 popular MLBB personalities will be co-streaming the highly anticipated ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023) tournament. These co-streamers, including content creators, professional players, analysts, and casters from around the world, will provide an alternative viewing experience for fans. The tournament will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 14 to 19.

Here is the complete list of co-streamers for MPLI 2023 from different countries and regions:


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Rivaldi “R7” Fatah Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Maxhill “Antimage” Leonardo Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Hafizhan “Clover” Mirzaputra Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Jonathan Liandi Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Setiawan Ade Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Ace Anthem Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
bagasdctiktok Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
Bagong Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Bang Chents Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
bastov_gaming Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
Brandon Kent Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
cast_lelehoki Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
Crispy Cendy Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
GulapaitXD Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Gutamaku Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
hananbrunoo Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
Jeje Adriel Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Kimoba Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
maszurmlbb Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
Mr John Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
natanaggresive Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
panji_zhasktiktok Bahasa Indonesia TikTok
Sherlin Tsu Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
Sir Melon Bahasa Indonesia YouTube
syifaaulx Bahasa Indonesia TikTok


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Akosi Dogie Filipino Facebook
Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera Filipino YouTube
Reiniel “Honda Beast” Encisa Filipino Facebook
JC “Naisou” Rezabek Filipino Facebook
Kimberly “BurgerKim” Mas Filipino Facebook
Kaisaya Filipino Facebook
Hypebits Filipino Facebook
Aningning Filipino Facebook
BB Ria Malupa Filipino TikTok
Esperanza Alcazar Filipino Facebook
INUYASHA Filipino YouTube
Janine Rivera Filipino Facebook
Kean Neo Vicente Filipino Facebook
Klutzy G Filipino Facebook
Kopi Gaming Filipino Facebook
mplmisschis Filipino TikTok
PAPUKEMoN Filipino Facebook
Seimori Filipino Facebook
SLIKE Filipino Facebook
StanPlays Filipino Facebook
The Brute Channel Filipino Facebook


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Muhammad Danial “CikuGais” Fuad Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Zikry “Moon” Shamsuddin Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Mohd “Soloz” Zakaria Bahasa Malaysia Facebook
Aiman “Aim” Abas Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Ng “HusKKiee” Zhen Chuan Bahasa Malaysia Facebook
Putra “Mars” Ammar Qayyim Bin Zulaadi Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Syed Fitri Abharshah “Sunfrost” Syed Nisranshah Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
_sicaniboss Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
2ez4Jepv Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Abg Lord Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Achai Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
AKO77 Bahasa Malaysia Facebook
BangK MLBB Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
BOOSHI 팥빙수 Bahasa Malaysia Facebook
Cikgu Misai Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Cikgu TikTok Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
D’ace Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
DJY Bahasa Malaysia YouTube
DRAXX Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Et Gaming Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
FROST Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
gudguy Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Iera Plushie Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Iqmal Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Kim Michael Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Kyy Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Lieya Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Lithara Lala Bahasa Malaysia Facebook
MamaJess Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
MasterRamen Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Myyysaraaa Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
PakcikTikktok Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
PAK DIN Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
pandaaqt Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Pojie Paling ML Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Raja Belit Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Reezpiupiu Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Spartanker Bahasa Malaysia Facebook
Sultan Riq Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Tasha Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Uncle Chikanook Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Yennete Bahasa Malaysia TikTok
Yonny Lilin Bahasa Malaysia TikTok


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Long “Super Girl” Kiat English Twitch
Chris “Jayz” Yeo Jun Jie English Twitch
Fire Latios English YouTube
Ohhridz English Twitch
SuchABSTRACT English Twitch
T0XIN English TikTok
Ultima English TikTok
ZxuaN Bahasa Malaysia YouTube


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
San “Mengly” Mengly Khmer Facebook
Tonghor Khmer Facebook


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Min “Naomi” Ko Burmese Facebook
Hsu Mon Mon “Amma” Thu Burmese Facebook
Tint Naing “DY” Tun Lin Burmese Facebook
Sai Thant “ST14” Zin Aung Burmese Facebook
Channel W Burmese Facebook
Edward MM Burmese Facebook

North America

Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun English YouTube
David “Assassin Dave” Mao English YouTube
Peter Bryce “Basic” Lozano English YouTube
Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl English YouTube
NH Tyrant English YouTube
Stephon “Stephweezy” Shocks English YouTube
CatushkaKitten English Twitch
G The Aiko English YouTube
Gosu Zero English YouTube
iNQuirky English YouTube
kookmon_ English Twitch
Nami Gaming English YouTube
PancitPlease English Twitch
Priv8dancer English Twitch


Co-Streamer Language Channel Link
Ahmed “Yones” Bahal Arabic Facebook
Don__bigg Arabic TikTok
7last Gaming Arabic Facebook
Senpai Masr Arabic Facebook

Latin America

Co-Streamer Language/Country Channel Link
Daniel “DET” El Travieso Colombia Facebook
CAST Venezuela Facebook
CobraRRQ Brazil Twitch
Gaboy Games Brazil Facebook
Hadescdz Brazil Facebook
ImSkeith Peru Facebook
Milita Gaming Peru TikTok
Neecrooh Brazil Twitch
sTiaMari Brazil Twitch

Fans can also watch the official broadcast of MPLI 2023 on all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and ONE Esports platforms. Stay updated with MLBB esports news, guides, and updates by following ONE Esports on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

READ MORE: Check out the MPLI 2023 group draw results for more exciting details.


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