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Counter-Strike 2: Exciting Changes from CSGO to CS2

Samuel Crossley

Counter-Strike 2 is bringing a range of exciting changes to the beloved game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). In this article, we will explore all the major updates and improvements that players can expect in CS2.

Better Graphics

One of the first things players will notice when loading into CS2 is the enhanced graphics. Compared to the original CSGO released in 2012, the updated graphics bring the game into the modern age, providing a more visually appealing experience. The new engine also allows for further gameplay changes.

New Premier System and CS Rating

CS2 introduces the new CS Rating, which serves as a precise display of a player’s skill in the game. With regional and world leaderboards, players can easily see how they stack up against others. The CS Ratings feed into seasonal leaderboards, encouraging players to participate in each new season. The ranking system also features different color thresholds to symbolize different tiers of skill.

New Buy Menu, Loadouts, and Sellbacks

In CS2, players now have the ability to return purchases during the freeze time of each round, allowing them to correct any mistakes or change their strategy. Additionally, loadouts can be customized before matches, offering more flexibility in weapon choices. The revised loadout system allows players to select 15 weapons from three categories on both the CT and T-side.

Responsive Volumetric Smokes

CS2 introduces a game-changing feature with responsive smokes. Smoke grenades now create volumetric 3D objects in the game world, enhancing the visual experience. Bullets can be seen penetrating the smoke, making it easier to spot players shooting through it. Shooting the edges of the smoke temporarily removes it, providing a line of sight to the other side. Players can also use HE grenades to blow away the smoke briefly, adding new counter-play possibilities.

Visual Audio Feedback via the Mini-Map

Similar to Valorant, CS2 incorporates an audio ring on the mini-map, allowing players to see the distance their sounds travel. This feature helps players gauge when they need to switch from running to walking to avoid being heard by opponents. The visual representation on the mini-map provides valuable information for strategic gameplay.

Max Rounds 12 (MR12) Replaces MR15

In CS2’s competitive modes, the max rounds have been reduced to 12 instead of the previous 15. The first team to reach 13 rounds wins the game, shortening the overall match duration. Overtime consists of three rounds on each side, with the first team to win four rounds securing the victory.

Sub-Tick Replaces 64 and 128-Tick Servers

CS2 introduces a new sub-tick server system, aiming to address the long-standing issue of tick rates in matchmaking. While not reaching the expected 128 tick rate, the sub-tick system allows for more precise tracking of player actions. The impact on movement and shooting is still being evaluated by players, with mixed opinions on its effectiveness.

No More Sky Boxes Means Crazy Nade Throws

In CS2, the limitations imposed by sky boxes in CSGO are removed, opening up new possibilities for grenade throws. Players can now explore creative and unconventional strategies without being restricted by invisible barriers. This change adds excitement and variety to gameplay.

These are the major changes that players can expect when transitioning from CSGO to CS2. The new iteration of the game brings enhanced graphics, improved mechanics, and exciting features that promise a fresh and engaging experience for Counter-Strike enthusiasts. Get ready for a new era of this popular first-person shooter!

Thanks for everything, CSGO.

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