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Dark Willow Carry: The Rising Powerhouse in Dota 2

Kelly Young

Dark Willow carry has emerged as a dominant force in the Dota 2 meta, surprising both casual and professional players alike. Previously considered a meme pick or a turbo game strategy, Dark Willow’s recent performance at The International 2023 has showcased her potential as a position one hero. With her late-game prowess and recent changes in patches, Dark Willow carry has become a formidable threat.

Why Dark Willow Carry is Strong

Dark Willow’s strength as a carry stems from several factors. Firstly, her low Base Attack Time of 1.5, the second-best in the game, allows her to benefit greatly from attack speed items. Recent patches have further enhanced her laning strength, making her a formidable opponent in the early game. Additionally, her new Bedlam ultimate provides offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing her to stay safe while dealing significant damage.

Shadow Realm, Dark Willow’s signature ability, is a key component of her carry potential. With Aghanim’s Scepter, she gains increased damage, attack range, and the ability to persist through multiple attacks. Most importantly, Shadow Realm makes her untargetable by most spells, providing a powerful defensive advantage in team fights.

The Flexibility Factor

Dark Willow’s drafting flexibility is another reason for her rise as a carry. Similar to Muerta, another popular carry hero, Dark Willow can be flexed between the hard carry and support positions. This versatility allows teams to adapt their draft and secure a strong first pick, especially in the current drafting order with limited bans.

The Impact of External Factors

Several external factors have contributed to Dark Willow’s success as a carry. The resurgence of Hand of Midas in the meta has greatly benefited her, as she lacks a farming steroid. The recent changes to Hand of Midas, including two charges and the ability to secure Neutral Token drops, have made it a highly efficient item for Dark Willow. Additionally, her ability to quickly gain experience and access powerful talents through Hand of Midas’ attack speed boost has further amplified her impact in fights.

The Potential and Challenges

While Dark Willow carry has shown immense potential, there are challenges that come with playing this hero in the position one role. She requires ample time and space to reach her full damage potential with Shadow Realm, making her early game farming abilities weak. Furthermore, her squishiness and reliance on Hand of Midas and Aghanim’s Scepter as core items make her susceptible to ganks.

Despite these challenges, the allure of Dark Willow carry lies in her untapped potential. The hero has mostly been played as a support in professional matches, but her recent performances at The International 2023 have sparked excitement and belief in her carry capabilities. While there have been losses, the possibility of Dark Willow being the hero that turns the tide and secures victory is undeniably tempting.

Dark Willow carry has emerged as a rising powerhouse in Dota 2, defying expectations and proving her worth as a position one hero. With her late-game potential, drafting flexibility, and the support of external factors, Dark Willow has become a force to be reckoned with. While challenges exist, the promise of her untapped potential makes her an exciting addition to the competitive scene.

Time Score Teams
Leipzig Major, January 2020 Defining example of Dark Willow’s power Tommy “Taiga” Le’s performance
The International 2023 Dark Willow carry’s rise in the meta Impressive performances at TI12
Evil Geniuses vs. Dark Willow carry Loss for Dark Willow carry High-profile match in the lower bracket
Shopify Rebellion vs. Dark Willow carry Loss for Dark Willow carry High-stakes match in the lower bracket
Talon Esports vs. Dark Willow carry Loss for Dark Willow carry Elimination match in the lower bracket



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