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Demon Slayer Hashira Ranking: From Weakest to Strongest


9. Shinobu Kocho: The Deceptively Deadly Insect Hashira

Shinobu Kocho may appear petite and friendly, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique fighting style involves using a thin Nichirin Sword to pierce her opponents and inject them with a lethal dose of wisteria-based poison. With her Insect Breathing style, she can move with incredible agility and speed.

8. Tengen Uzui: The Sonar-Eared Sound Hashira

Tengen Uzui possesses heightened hearing abilities, allowing him to deconstruct his enemy’s attacks and turn them into a music sheet that he can read. Despite losing his left hand and being poisoned, Tengen displayed remarkable combat proficiency in his battle against the Upper Rank Six demon Gyutaro.

7. Mitsuri Kanroji: The Cheerful and Flexible Love Hashira

Mitsuri Kanroji may be cheerful, but she is a deadly warrior with exceptional flexibility. Her Love Breathing style enables her to unleash attacks with a wide range of motion, making it difficult for her opponents to predict her movements. Mitsuri’s skills were showcased during the Swordsmith Village Arc.

6. Kyojuro Rengoku: The Enthusiastic Flame Hashira

Kyojuro Rengoku is known for his extraordinary swordsmanship and pure heart. As the Flame Hashira, he possesses incredible speed and reflexes. Kyojuro’s battle against the Upper Rank Three demon Akaza in the Mugen Train movie showcased his immense strength and determination.

5. Obanai Iguro: The Unforgiving Serpent Hashira

Obanai Iguro is the strictest and most unforgiving Hashira. Despite being blind in one eye, he compensates with his pet snake Kaburamaru, which helps him predict his opponent’s attacks. His unique sword style involves slithering motions, allowing him to attack in unconventional ways.

4. Giyu Tomioka: The Troubled Water Hashira

Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira, is a man of few words with internal struggles. However, once he overcomes his trauma, he becomes a formidable opponent. Giyu’s mastery of the Water Breathing style, including his Eleventh Form called Dead Calm, makes him a powerful Demon Slayer.

3. Muichiro Tokito: The Young and Skilled Mist Hashira

Muichiro Tokito, the youngest Hashira at only 14 years old, is considered a warrior prodigy. His Mist Breathing style and burst of speed make him one of the strongest Hashira. Muichiro’s technical prowess earned the respect of even the strongest demons in the series.

2. Sanemi Shinazugawa: The Scarred and Hot-Headed Wind Hashira

Sanemi Shinazugawa is a hot-headed Hashira covered in scars from his battles with demons. His savage training has made him incredibly strong, fast, and agile. As a master of the Wind Breathing style, Sanemi can attack with blinding speed from any direction.

1. Gyomei Himejima: The Unstoppable Stone Hashira

Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira, is the strongest Demon Slayer in terms of raw physical strength. Despite being blind, Gyomei’s concentration and immense power make him a phenomenal fighter. His unwavering dedication and tenacity set him apart from the other Hashira.

Ranking Hashira Title
9 Shinobu Kocho Insect Hashira
8 Tengen Uzui Sound Hashira
7 Mitsuri Kanroji Love Hashira
6 Kyojuro Rengoku Flame Hashira
5 Obanai Iguro Serpent Hashira
4 Giyu Tomioka Water Hashira
3 Muichiro Tokito Mist Hashira
2 Sanemi Shinazugawa Wind Hashira
1 Gyomei Himejima Stone Hashira



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