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Devastating True Damage: The Most Powerful Damage Type in Mobile Legends

Phyre Kimble

Unstoppable and Unyielding: True Damage in Mobile Legends

True Damage, the most devastating type of damage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a force to be reckoned with. Unlike Physical and Magic Damage, which can be mitigated by defenses, True Damage bypasses all forms of protection completely. This makes heroes who can deal True Damage a consistent threat throughout the game, regardless of their opponent’s class or defenses.

The True Damage Heroes: Unleashing Destruction

In the Land of Dawn, only a select few heroes possess the innate ability to deal True Damage. These heroes are Alpha, Karrie, X.Borg, Gord, and Karina. Let’s take a closer look at their True Damage abilities:

Alpha: The True Damage Poster Boy

Alpha stands out as the true damage hero with the most abilities that can inflict this devastating damage type. His passive ability, Beta, Advance!, summons his mechanical companion, Beta, to strike enemies and inflict True Damage along with slow effects. Additionally, his other abilities, Force Swing, Rotary Impact, and Alpha! Charge, can deal extra damage and make him an effective counter against tank heroes.

Karrie: The Tank-Busting Marksman

Karrie is the ultimate tank-busting marksman in Mobile Legends. Her Lightwheel Mark passive allows her attacks to apply a mark on enemies, which then turns into a lightwheel that penetrates the target and deals True Damage. What makes her even more terrifying is that the damage she deals is a percentage of the enemy’s total HP, making her a nightmare for tank users.

X.Borg: Fire and True Damage

X.Borg possesses the ability to obliterate enemies with True Damage through his Fire Missiles ability. By spraying fire in a target direction, he raises the temperature of his enemies, dealing True Damage when they reach maximum temperature. His ultimate, Last Insanity, also inflicts True Damage to nearby enemies when Firaga Armor detonates.

Gord: The Hidden True Damage Mage

Gord, the mage hero, has a hidden ability to deal True Damage. When enemies are hit by his skills a certain number of times within a short period, they will take True Damage and be slowed thanks to his Mystic Favor passive. What makes him even deadlier is that his True Damage increases with his Magic Power stat, making him a lethal threat when built with Magic Power items.

Karina: The Assassin with True Damage

Karina stands out among assassins as one of the few heroes who can inherently deal True Damage through her skills. Her passive ability, Shadow Combo, allows her to deal True Damage along with a percentage of the enemy’s lost HP and magic damage. This makes her a formidable assassin, especially against tank junglers.

Equipping True Damage: Items for All Heroes

If your hero doesn’t possess the innate ability to deal True Damage, don’t worry! There are items in Mobile Legends that can grant you this power. Let’s explore these True Damage items:

Item Description
Azure Blade A precursor to all True Damage items, it grants True Damage to your next basic attack after casting a skill.
Endless Battle An item for Physical Damage heroes, it allows you to deal a percentage of your Physical Attack as True Damage to enemies. It also provides a boost in Movement Speed.
Starlium Scythe A mage item that enhances your damage-dealing ability. It grants True Damage on your next basic attack after casting a skill and boosts your mobility.
Thunder Belt An item for tanks and fighters, it provides a significant boost in HP, Physical Defense, Mana Regeneration, and Cooldown Reduction. Its unique passive allows you to deal True Damage based on a percentage of your max HP.

Countering True Damage: Surviving the Unstoppable

True Damage may be unstoppable, but there are ways to increase your survivability against it. While there are no hard counters to True Damage, certain items can help boost your HP and regeneration, giving you more time to escape or reengage. Items like Guardian’s Helmet, Cursed Helmet, and Twilight Armor provide tremendous HP boosts and regeneration, allowing you to withstand True Damage assaults.

In conclusion, True Damage is the most powerful damage type in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Whether through innate abilities or equipped items, heroes who can deal True Damage are a force to be reckoned with. Understanding how to utilize and counter True Damage is crucial for success in the Land of Dawn.


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