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Edith, the Forsaken Warden: A Guide to Mobile Legends’ Tank-Marksman Hero

Kelly Young

Edith, the Forsaken Warden, is a unique hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can fulfill both tank and marksman roles. With her ability to initiate team fights and deal significant damage, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore Edith’s skills, recommended emblems and battle spells, as well as the best builds for this versatile hero.

Edith’s Skills

Passive – Overload: After casting a skill, Edith and her companion Phylax become overloaded, allowing her attacks to trigger chain lightning. This lightning deals additional magic damage to up to four enemies. It is important to use this skill frequently during the laning phase to clear minion waves quickly.

First Tank Skill – Earth Shatter: Edith controls Phylax to deliver a powerful blow in a designated direction, dealing physical damage and knocking enemies airborne. This skill has a short delay before the stun, so it is best used in bushes to catch enemies off guard. Flicker can be used during the delay to extend the stun range.

Second Tank Skill – Onward: Edith commands Phylax to charge forward, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way. If Phylax hits an enemy hero, it will stop and throw them over its shoulder, dealing additional physical damage. This skill can also be used as an escape tool if no enemy heroes are hit. However, it is important to note that Edith cannot jump over walls with this skill.

Ultimate – Primal Wrath: Edith ejects herself from Phylax, knocking back nearby enemies and gaining a shield. She then dashes forward, taking flight and gaining the ability to perform basic attacks. Each basic attack deals magic damage and grants her extra attack speed and magic lifesteal based on the Wrath she has accumulated. This ultimate lasts for eight seconds and should be used whenever the Wrath meter is full.

First Marksman Skill – Divine Retribution: Edith unleashes Divine Retribution on a designated area, periodically dealing magic damage to enemies hit. This skill also deals additional magic damage to enemies within the area over the next few seconds. It is best to cast this skill on stunned or immobilized enemies for maximum damage output.

Second Marksman Skill – Lightning Bolt: Edith fires a Lightning Bolt in a designated direction, dealing magic damage and immobilizing the first enemy hero hit. This skill cannot stun multiple enemies or minions. It is recommended to use Lightning Bolt before Divine Retribution to stun the enemy and maximize damage.

How to Play Edith

To make the most of Edith’s abilities, it is recommended to use the Flicker battle spell. This spell can help her escape sticky situations and set up fights by combining it with her Earth Shatter and Onward skills.

The tank emblem is the best choice for Edith, with the Firmness talent providing extra physical and magic defense, and Tenacity increasing her survivability in team fights.

When it comes to building Edith, it is important to consider the enemy team composition. If they deal a lot of magic damage, items like Radiant Armor, Athena’s Shield, or Oracle are recommended. Against physical damage lineups, Brute Force Breastplate, Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, or Blade Armor are great choices. For offensive options, Feather of Heaven, Starlium Scythe, Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, or Holy Crystal can enhance her damage output.

Easy Combos to Learn

In the laning phase, start the battle by using Onward to isolate the enemy from creeps or towers. Follow up with Earth Shatter to stun the enemy and immediately use basic attacks to trigger the Overload passive.

In mid to late game team fights, fill up the Wrath meter before using Primal Wrath. If the enemy jungler or marksman is out of position, use Onward first to close the gap and then stun them with Earth Shatter. Alternatively, use Earth Shatter if the enemy team is grouped together to absorb their damage. Once the Wrath meter is full, unleash Primal Wrath for maximum impact.

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The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Edith

To effectively counter Edith in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, consider these three heroes:

Hero Role Counter Strategy
Hero 1 Role 1 Counter Strategy 1
Hero 2 Role 2 Counter Strategy 2
Hero 3 Role 3 Counter Strategy 3



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