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Esports Player Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun Shows Off Impressive Physique in New Photoshoot

Kelly Young

Esports player and League of Legends star Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun is breaking stereotypes with his latest Instagram photos. Known for his skills as a jungler for T1, Oner is now ready to take on the world of modeling with his impressive physique.

Oner has shattered the image of gamers as couch potatoes by becoming a dedicated fitness enthusiast. Not only does he excel in gaming and streaming, but he also prioritizes his fitness routine with regular exercise and gym sessions.

In 2022, Oner started hitting the gym after T1 CEO Joe Marsh shared a photo of him flexing his back muscles. Motivated by the desire to look good and inspired by fit individuals on social media, the 20-year-old pro has been squeezing in time for workouts for about a year.

The results of his hard work are evident in a fiery photoshoot with the Korean studio, Rustic. Oner proudly flaunts his toned abs and massive arm muscles, reminiscent of BTS Jungkook’s iconic Calvin Klein ad.

Apart from his dedication to fitness, Oner is also passionate about sports. During his student days, he participated in various activities such as swimming, soccer, and taekwondo. His expertise even extends to three dan black belts, qualifying him to become a teaching assistant or assistant coach in the field.

According to Joe Marsh, Oner plans to cosplay as Lee Sin, one of his signature champions in the game, in the near future.

With his impressive physique and dedication to both gaming and fitness, it won’t be long before Oner lands his first modeling gig. Keep an eye out for this rising star in the fashion world!

If you’re interested in seeing more esports players who have undergone incredible body transformations, check out our list of 7 pros who have hit the gym and achieved amazing results.

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Esports Pros with Incredible Body Transformations

Player Game Transformation
1. Faker League of Legends Lost weight and gained muscle
2. Sneaky League of Legends Transformed from a skinny build to a muscular physique
3. Doublelift League of Legends Went from overweight to fit and toned
4. Xmithie League of Legends Underwent a significant body transformation
5. Bjergsen League of Legends Improved his physical fitness and appearance
6. Caps League of Legends Transformed his physique through exercise and diet
7. Uzi League of Legends Went from a skinny build to a more muscular frame



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