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Essential Tasks of a Mid Laner in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Samuel Crossley

Clear Minion Waves and Rotate

As a mid laner, your main responsibility is to quickly clear minion waves in the middle lane and then rotate to other areas of the map to support your team. After clearing the first wave of minions, you can work with your jungler to secure objectives or invade the enemy jungle. Alternatively, you can help defend your own jungle from enemy invasions. It’s also important to rotate to side lanes, especially the gold lane, to gank or pressure the enemy and give your teammate an advantage.

Assist in Securing Turtle and Lord

Working closely with your jungler, you should prioritize taking down the Turtle and Lord objectives as quickly as possible while preventing the enemy team from stealing them. Aim to reach level four and unlock your ultimate skill before the first Turtle respawns. During these engagements, use your spells to chip away at the monster’s HP if the opponents are not contesting. If they are attempting to contest, hide in a bush and safely poke them from there. Target the enemy jungler to scare them away and prevent them from stealing the objective.

Provide Damage or Crowd Control in Team Fights

Joining team fights is crucial for a mid laner. Your role is to deal damage or use crowd control against the enemy during important stages of the game. Position yourself safely on the battlefield, preferably in the backline, where you can cast your spells without being easily targeted. Consider using battle spells like Flicker or Flameshot to reposition yourself or push away diving enemies. Before a team fight starts, remain hidden and avoid revealing your position. Wait for the right moment to unleash your spells. Target enemy marksmen or mages with long-range spells to minimize their damage output. Choose items that provide damage or utility based on the game situation.

Zone Out Enemies When Pushing or Defending

As the mid laner, you have the ability to zone out enemies during turret sieges or defenses in the mid to late game. When pushing a lane, use your skills to poke enemies before your minion wave arrives, forcing them to retreat and allowing your marksman to attack the turret freely. When defending, clear minion waves before they reach your turret. Be cautious of enemies who can dive onto you or pull you out of turret range. Wait for your roamer to walk in front before casting spells to safely clear minion waves.

Hero Role Specialty
Pharsa Mage Poke, Burst Damage
Yve Mage Poke, Crowd Control
Lunox Mage Burst Damage, Mobility
Harith Mage High Mobility, Sustained Damage
Gusion Assassin Burst Damage, Mobility
Valir Mage Poke, Crowd Control
Chang’e Mage Poke, Area of Effect Damage
Esmeralda Mage/Fighter Sustained Damage, Crowd Control
Cecilion Mage Burst Damage, Sustained Damage
Kagura Mage Poke, Mobility



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