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Estes Guide: Master the Moon Elf King in Mobile Legends

Samuel Crossley

Introduction to Estes

Estes, also known as the Moon Elf King, is a support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his exceptional healing abilities, he can provide sustained healing to multiple allies, giving his team an advantage in team fights. Additionally, he has the power to inflict slowing effects on enemies. If you aspire to become an expert Estes player, this comprehensive guide will help you achieve just that.

Estes’ Skills

Passive – Scripture of the Moon Elf

Estes’ passive skill, Scripture of the Moon Elf, charges him with energy over time. When the energy reaches 100 stacks, his next basic attack becomes enhanced, dealing magic damage to the target and nearby enemies while also slowing them. Use this skill to poke enemies in the lane and enable your ally to freely farm minions. The recharge time of this passive becomes faster when you are linked to a teammate using Moonlight Immersion.

First Skill – Moonlight Immersion

Moonlight Immersion allows Estes to restore HP to a target hero and link himself to them for a few seconds, slowly restoring additional HP. Linking with an ally not only heals them but also increases Estes’ physical attack and magic power, movement speed, and charging rate of Scripture of the Moon Elf. Be careful not to stray too far from the target, as it will break the link. Use this skill to keep your allies healthy and able to stay in the lane to farm. Turn on the Skill Smart Targeting feature in the control settings to aim this skill directly at the specific teammate you intend to heal.

Second Skill – Domain of Moon Goddess

Estes drops a flood of moonlight on a target area, dealing magic damage to enemy units within it. The area then turns into a domain of the Moon Goddess, revealing enemies inside. If enemies touch the edge of the domain area, they will be greatly slowed. Use this skill along with Scripture of the Moon Elf to poke enemies and prevent them from retreating or closing in on you. You can also cast it on nearby bushes to scout for enemies attempting to gank you. Take advantage of the skill indicator to hit enemies with the edge of the domain for an instant slow effect.

Ultimate – Blessing of Moon Goddess

Estes casts an enhanced version of Moonlight Immersion on all nearby allied heroes. Within the next several seconds, Moonlight Immersion will be continuously enhanced, and Estes will recover HP. Casting Blessing of Moon Goddess cancels the active Moonlight Immersion, replacing it with the enhanced version. Activate this ultimate and use the enhanced Moonlight Immersion right away. The enhanced version has a lower cooldown and does not cost mana. With enough cooldown reduction, you can trigger the enhanced Moonlight Immersion at least two times within the ultimate’s duration.

How to Play Estes

Recommended Battle Spell

As Estes, you are likely to be the priority target of enemies, so Purify is a crucial battle spell. It instantly removes stun and other debuffs, allowing you to cast Blessing of Moon Goddess at the right moment. Alternatively, if the opposing team lacks reliable crowd control skills, Flicker can be a good choice. It provides you with a mobility spell that Estes lacks, helping you get out of sticky situations and position yourself near allies in need.

Recommended Emblem

The Support emblem works best for Estes as it amplifies healing effects while granting substantial cooldown reduction and movement speed bonuses. Take Agility in the first tier for additional movement speed and Pull Yourself Together in the second tier to reduce the cooldown of your battle spell and active equipment. In the last tier, choose Focusing Mark, which increases the damage of allied heroes to your target for a few seconds.

Estes’ Best Build

To ensure continuous healing for your allies, it’s essential to acquire items that strengthen your overall defense and mana regeneration. Start with Tough Boots equipped with the Favor roaming blessing to boost your healing capabilities. Invest in Dominance Ice for physical defense and extra mana, as well as reducing the shield gain, HP regen, and attack speed of nearby enemies. Purchase Oracle to further enhance your healing effect, while gaining magic defense and cooldown reduction. Follow up with Enchanted Talisman for significant mana regeneration and additional cooldown reduction. Finally, buy defensive items such as Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor for magic resistance, or Antique Cuirass and Blade Armor for physical defense. Complete your build with Immortality to improve survivability.

Easy Combos to Learn

As Estes, your main role is to support your allies through healing. However, you can still exert pressure on opponents by hitting them with Domain of Moon Goddess, followed by the enhanced basic attack from Scripture of the Moon Elf. Conserve your mana primarily for Moonlight Immersion to heal your teammates. During team fights, activate Blessing of Moon Goddess when you see an opportune moment and immediately cast the enhanced version of Moonlight Immersion to provide sustained healing to the entire team. Position yourself in the middle of your team’s formation to effectively support your allies, neither too far back nor too exposed.


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