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Friends TV Show: 5 Video Games That Made an Appearance

Samuel Crossley

The cast of the iconic TV show Friends recently reunited for HBO Max’s Friends: The Reunion movie, bringing back memories of the beloved sitcom. Throughout its 10-season run, the show featured several video game titles that added to its charm. Let’s take a look at five games that made an appearance in Friends.

Tetris: Phoebe’s Block-Busting Skills

In Season 1 Episode 21, “The One with the Fake Monica,” Phoebe is seen playing a Game Boy. Although the game she’s playing is not explicitly mentioned, it appears to be Tetris based on the purple background and white blocks. Phoebe’s gaming skills are on display as she moves the blocks around, showcasing her talent alongside other famous gamers like Black Widow and Captain America.

Doom: Chandler’s Laptop Distraction

In Season 2 Episode 8, “The One with the List,” Chandler owns a Compaq Contura 4/25cx laptop with impressive specs for its time. Instead of focusing on helping Ross create a list comparing his girlfriends, Chandler gets sidetracked and invites the guys to play the first-person shooter Doom on his new laptop. The game provides a welcome distraction from their relationship discussions.

Twisted Metal 2: World Tour: Thanksgiving Co-op Matches

In Season 6 Episode 9, “The One Where Ross Got High,” Chandler’s PlayStation 1 console takes center stage. During the annual Thanksgiving episode, Joey and Ross engage in co-op matches of Twisted Metal 2: World Tour. The duo races against each other on the Paris stage, with Joey driving Roadkill and Ross controlling Spectre. Their gaming session is cut short when Joey’s new roommate, Janine, enters the scene.

Crash Team Racing: Chandler’s Need for Speed

In the Season 7 pilot episode, “The One with Monica’s Thunder,” Chandler is seen playing Crash Team Racing on his PlayStation 1. He’s racing on the Hot Air Skyway track when Joey interrupts him, dismissing the PlayStation as “whack.” Chandler’s love for gaming is evident as he immerses himself in the fast-paced world of Crash Team Racing.

Ms. Pac-Man: Phoebe’s Arcade Gift

In Season 8 Episode 12, “The One Where Joey Dates Rachel,” Phoebe presents Chandler and Monica with a vintage Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine as a post-wedding gift. Chandler becomes obsessed with the game, playing it for eight hours straight. His dedication leads to a misshapen, clawed right hand, and Phoebe’s frustration when she fails to beat his high score.

BONUS: Lisa Kudrow’s Love for Nintendo

Outside of the show, Lisa Kudrow, who portrays Phoebe, is a big Nintendo fan. She owned a Game Boy in the ’90s, which unfortunately got lost during a taping of her show. Kudrow admitted that she loved playing her Game Boy whenever she had free time. She later replaced it with a Nintendo DS, which she considers her guilty pleasure. Kudrow even starred in Nintendo DS commercials for games like Professor Layton and Personal Trainer: Cooking.

As we reminisce about the Friends TV show, it’s heartwarming to see how video games played a small but memorable role in the lives of these beloved characters. Whether it was Phoebe’s block-busting skills or Chandler’s gaming distractions, these moments added to the show’s charm and relatability.

Game Episode Console
Tetris The One with the Fake Monica Game Boy
Doom The One with the List Compaq Contura 4/25cx laptop
Twisted Metal 2: World Tour The One Where Ross Got High PlayStation 1
Crash Team Racing The One with Monica’s Thunder PlayStation 1
Ms. Pac-Man The One Where Joey Dates Rachel Arcade machine



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