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Genshin Concert 2023: A Musical Journey Through Teyvat


Experience the enchanting world of Genshin Impact come to life in the mesmerizing Genshin Concert 2023. Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies performed by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, as they take you on a musical journey through the diverse regions of Teyvat.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t attended Genshin Concert 2023 in Singapore.

A Symphony of Emotions

Prepare to be swept away by the breathtaking compositions of Genshin Impact. From the serene and peaceful tunes of Mondstadt to the ominous yet beautiful melodies surrounding Dvalin’s storyline, each song evokes a range of emotions that will resonate with fans of the game.

As the concert progresses, the spotlight shines on Liyue, the beloved region of many Genshin Impact enthusiasts. Renowned composer Yu-Peng Chen showcases his virtuoso skills, bringing to life iconic tracks such as Peaceful Hike, Foul Legacy, and Rex Incognito. While the absence of a live choir means missing out on Ode to Azhdaha and Rage Beneath the Mountains, the solo performances on guzheng, flutes, and shamisen still captivate the audience.

The Inazuma playlist follows, showcasing the orchestra’s versatility in adapting the original soundtrack to the limitations of a live performance. Although some instruments had to be substituted, the essence of Inazuma’s music remains intact, providing a delightful experience for fans.

The concert concludes with a surprise encore featuring three Fontaine tracks. As the newest region in Genshin Impact, these French-inspired pieces offer a fresh and unique musical experience for the audience.

A Fond Farewell

Genshin Concert 2023 serves as a tribute to the incredible work of composer Yu-Peng Chen. His compositions have become an integral part of the Genshin Impact experience, enriching both gameplay and real-life moments. The concert reminds us of his exceptional talent in crafting melodies that not only stick in our heads but also connect with the game’s immersive storyline.

Listening to a live orchestra is always a treat, and Genshin Concert 2023 is no exception. It leaves a bittersweet feeling, appreciating the beauty of the performance while longing for more of Yu-Peng Chen’s musical flair. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to him for his contributions to the game we hold dear.

Join the Genshin Impact community on the ONE Esports Discord to discuss stories like these and more.

Region Songs
Mondstadt Clear Blue Skies, A New Day with Hope, The Wind and the Star Traveler, The City of Freedom, Dvalin’s Plight, The Decisive Battle with Dvalin
Liyue Harbinger of Dawn, Peaceful Hike, Foul Legacy, The Starglow Cavern, The Moonlit Wilderness, Rex Incognito
Inazuma Thunder Sojourn, Raiden’s Theme, The Shogun’s Wish, Serpent’s Head, Watatsumi Island, Seirai Island
Sumeru Unknown
Fontaine Unknown



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