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Genshin Concert Tour 2023: A Journey of Musical Delight

Phyre Kimble

The highly anticipated Genshin Concert tour, titled “Melodies of an Endless Journey,” is set to captivate Genshin Impact players worldwide. With performances starting in Singapore in October 2023 and concluding in Germany in January 2024, this tour promises to deliver live orchestral music that will leave a lasting impression.

An Exclusive Interview with Conductor Thanapol Setabrahmana

ONE Esports had the privilege of attending the premiere Genshin Concert in Singapore, conducted by the talented Thanapol Setabrahmana and performed by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. In an exclusive interview, Thanapol shares his approach to interpreting Genshin’s music, the behind-the-scenes preparation for the concert, and how he collaborated with the orchestra to create an unforgettable experience.

Unveiling the Layers of Genshin Impact Music

When Thanapol first learned that he would be conducting the Genshin Concert, he was filled with excitement. The game’s music had always fascinated him, and he appreciated how the original soundtrack incorporated diverse musical influences from various cultures. As he delved deeper into studying the score, his appreciation for HOYO-MiX’s compositions grew even more.

To truly capture the essence of each region’s music, Thanapol emphasized the importance of highlighting Genshin Impact’s cultural diversity. While the rehearsal process was generally smooth, there were certain pieces that required extra attention to ensure they were performed with the proper aesthetics and justice.

In addition to studying the scoring, Thanapol immersed himself in the game’s story, locations, events, and characters. His background in listening to diverse genres of music, including traditional Chinese and Japanese music, allowed him to draw upon a rich foundation when interpreting the music of Liyue and Inazuma.

Thanapol recognized that some pieces, which may be considered “background music” by Genshin players, held deeper artistic meanings when listened to carefully. However, conveying these subtleties to an orchestra comprising musicians from various cultural backgrounds required a thoughtful and collaborative approach. Thanapol worked closely with individual musicians, providing verbal descriptions and encouraging dynamic shifts to achieve the desired effects.

Challenges and Collaborations

Performing culturally-inspired music from Genshin Impact presented its own set of challenges. Not all instruments from the original composition could be used in the Singapore concert, requiring substitutions for instruments like the erhu, sitar, and sarangi. However, the expertise of certain orchestra members helped establish the right stylistic foundation, ensuring that the cultural nuances of the original compositions were preserved.

The collaboration between the conductor, producer, and musicians was crucial in elevating the performance. Small musical elements were introduced to enhance the arrangements while staying true to the essence of the original compositions.

The Complexity of Game Music

Thanapol, trained in Classical music, acknowledges the complexity of game music due to its ties to a visual environment. Unlike Classical music, video game music exists and is experienced in a different context. Each piece accompanies scenes, locations, and events that leave a lasting impression on players.

His goal as a conductor was to put himself in the shoes of Genshin players, allowing them to re-experience their favorite moments and memories through live performances. The full-house attendance, with passionate fans showing up in cosplay, was a testament to the shared experience beyond the game itself.

Appreciating Game Music as Art

Beyond the game, Thanapol believes it is important to appreciate game music as music. Orchestral renditions of game soundtracks are superbly arranged and stand as high-quality musical pieces in their own right. As a conductor, he strives to do justice to these works artistically, ensuring that the audience experiences the full depth and beauty of the music, whether they are gamers or not.

Thanapol expresses his gratitude to HoYoverse, Sony Music Solutions, Singapore Street Festival, 54 Entertainment, the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, and all working teams for their trust, support, and the opportunity to be a part of this magical event.

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