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Get to Know Anya in Spy x Family: Background, Personality, and First Appearance


Prepare for an anime adventure like no other with Spy x Family! This thrilling series is set to steal the spotlight with its espionage story and undercover characters. But before you dive in, let’s gather some intel on one of the secretive Forger family members – Anya. Discover her background story, personality, and how she makes her first appearance in the manga.

Who is Anya in Spy x Family?

Anya Forger is a key character in Spy x Family, a spy-comedy manga created by Tatsuya Endo. The story revolves around a spy known as “Twilight” who embarks on a top-secret mission called Operation Strix. To get closer to his target, reclusive politician Donovan Desmond, Twilight must create a fake family under the name Loid Forger.

Anya enters the scene as a potential candidate to play Loid’s pretend daughter. Despite being labeled as the quiet one by her caregiver, she impresses Loid with her quick thinking and intelligence. Anya’s exceptional skills are revealed when she effortlessly completes a crossword puzzle in seconds. Intrigued, Loid decides to adopt her, believing she has what it takes to pass the entrance exam for Eden Academy, the same elite school attended by Desmond’s son.

However, it is later discovered that Anya is not just an ordinary child. She is actually a telepath named “Test Subject 007” who stole the answers from Loid’s mind as he looked at the puzzle. Anya, being a fan of spy anime, is determined to be adopted by Loid, regardless of the circumstances.

During a shopping trip, Anya’s lack of education becomes apparent when she misreads a bakery sign and miscalculates a purchase. This makes Loid question his decision to adopt her. Sensing his doubts, Anya reads his mind and starts crying, prompting Loid to comfort her with a bag of peanuts – her favorite snack.

Left alone at home, Anya’s curiosity leads her to search for spy-related items in their apartment. She stumbles upon a radio that accidentally reveals their location to Edgar, an Ostanian mob boss. Anya is kidnapped by Edgar but is eventually rescued by Loid, who disguises himself as one of Edgar’s henchmen. As they make their escape, Anya telepathically learns about Loid’s past as an orphan, which deepens her connection with him.

Moved by Loid’s experiences and his capacity for empathy, Anya catches up with him on the street after the fight and desperately asks if they can go home together. Touched by her sincerity, Loid agrees, and they head home as a family.

With their bond strengthened, Anya manages to pass the entrance exam for Eden Academy with Loid’s help.

Personality of Anya in Spy x Family

Anya, as a child telepath, possesses keen observation skills and finds ways to understand and influence those around her. With more knowledge than her foster parents, she often guides them with childlike innocence, providing clues and solving problems.

Having grown up as a test subject and subsequently an orphan, Anya yearns for a loving family. After being returned by several foster families, she develops a fear of abandonment and quickly attaches herself to Loid when they first meet.

Aside from her telepathic abilities, Anya exhibits typical childlike behavior. Although her exact age is unknown, Loid describes her as looking no older than four or five years old.

First Appearance of Anya in Spy x Family

Anya makes her debut in the first chapter of Spy x Family, where Loid Forger adopts her as part of his mission.

Where to Read and Watch Spy x Family

All 84 chapters of the Spy x Family manga are officially available on the VIZ Media website.

The Spy x Family anime premiered on April 9 and concluded on December 24. The second part of the anime began airing on October 1, with new episodes released every Saturday until December.

The series is produced by TOHO Animation, in collaboration with studios CloverWorks and Wit Studio, known for their work on Horimiya and Attack on Titan, respectively.



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