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Get to Know the Current Valorant Map Pool


Ascent: A Fan-Favorite Italian-Inspired Map

Ascent, with its Venetian-inspired Italian design, is a beloved map among players. Its unique layout and sightlines make it appealing to those who enjoy both long-range battles and close-quarters skirmishes.

Bind: Constant Vigilance and Adaptability

Bind stands out in Valorant due to its teleporters, offering players the ability to navigate the terrain swiftly. This feature demands constant vigilance and adaptability, keeping players on edge and ready for unexpected shifts on the battlefield.

Breeze: Master Long-Range Engagements

Breeze, Valorant’s beach-themed map, challenges players to excel in long-range engagements while navigating its open spaces. Its sprawling layout and long sightlines provide a unique gameplay experience.

Haven: Unconventional Three Spike Sites

Haven breaks away from the standard two-site structure by featuring three spike sites. This unconventional layout continuously challenges players to adjust their strategies, fostering a creative and innovative tactical environment.

Lotus: Unique Features and Strategic Options

Lotus, Valorant’s second three-site map, introduces unique features that make it an interesting setting. With rotating doorways and a destructible wall, players have strategic options and challenges to explore.

Split: Complex Urban Terrain and Verticality

Split’s complex urban terrain, characterized by multi-level structures and tight passageways, offers a different tactical experience. Its unique verticality requires players to adapt to navigating elevated and ground-level positions, leading to intense firefights.

Sunset: Classic Layout with Dynamic Elements

Sunset embraces a traditional map design with two spike sites and three distinct lanes. The Los Angeles-themed map incorporates mechanical doors, similar to Ascent, adding dynamic elements to gameplay.

Valorant’s competitive pool always consists of seven maps, as explained by the Lead Map Designer, Joe Lansford. This decision aims to strike a balance between variety and mastery. Having too many maps would create a steep learning curve for players, while a smaller map pool allows for easier onboarding and mastery of strategies.

The table below provides an overview of all the maps currently in the competitive queue:

Map Description
Ascent Venitian-inspired Italian design with unique layout and sightlines
Bind Distinctive teleporters demand constant vigilance and adaptability
Breeze Beach-themed map challenging players with long-range engagements
Haven Unconventional three spike sites requiring continuous strategy adjustments
Lotus Second three-site map with rotating doorways and a destructible wall
Split Complex urban terrain with multi-level structures and tight passageways
Sunset Classic layout with two spike sites and mechanical doors



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