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Intense Battle at MPLI 2023: Full Roster of Teams Revealed

Samuel Crossley

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023) is set to be an epic showdown as sixteen of the strongest teams from around the world compete for the title of best MLBB team and a substantial US$100,000 prize pool. This offline tournament, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, marks the first MPLI event.

Exciting New Additions to the Tournament

MPLI 2023 will not only feature established powerhouse teams but also introduce new regions to the competition. Team Falcons from MENA, TheOhioBrothers from North America, and Nova Esports from China will make their debut in this prestigious tournament.

Full Roster of Teams Competing at MPLI 2023

Here is the complete roster of each team participating in the MPLI 2023 tournament:

Team: Bigetron Alpha
– Saken returns to the main team as the gold laner.
– Kyy takes on the role of the sixth-man roamer.
– VYN joins the starting five.

Team: Dewa United
– Dewa United’s proven and experienced squad participates in MPLI 2023.
– Reyy serves as the sole substitute for the team.

Team: Geek Fam
– Geek Fam competes with their experienced roster, including Filipino import Baloyskie.
– LUKE, Caderaa, and Markyyy support the team.

Team: Rebellion Zion
– No changes to the starting five for Rebellion Zion.
– Moai serves as the team’s substitute player.

Team: RRQ
– RRQ’s MPLI 2023 lineup includes players from their RRQ Sena MDL squad.
– Banana, Clayyy, and Dyrennn join the tournament.

Team: EVOS Legends
– EVOS Legends enters the competition with their core players.
– Veldora and Douma join the main team.

Team: TheOhioBrothers
– TheOhioBrothers consist of their dominant NACT Fall 2023 lineup.
– SUPER SHARK leads the team.

Team: HomeBois
– HomeBois features their starting five from MPL MY Season 12.
– Saiful joins as a substitute midlaner.

Team: See You Soon
– See You Soon fields their usual MPL lineup with two Filipinos leading the charge.
– RunTheKing transitions to the role of substitute roamer.

Team: Nova Esports
– Nova Esports makes their debut in MLBB tournaments.
– All players are set to make their first appearance.

Team: ECHO
– ECHO maintains their starting five, with KurtTzy as the substitute in the midlane.

Team: AP Bren
– AP Bren competes with their championship squad from MPL PH Season 12.
– FlapTzy, KyleTzy, and Super Marco lead the team.

Team: RSG PH
– Demonkite returns to RSG PH after a brief stint with RSG Malaysia.
– The team features seasoned players who secured victory in MSC 2022.

Team: Blacklist International
– Blacklist International fields their second unit, led by veteran player Hadji.
– Eson serves as the team’s substitute.

Team: Team Falcons
– Team Falcons from Saudi Arabia participates with a diverse lineup.
– Goodnight and Lawtrick take on key roles in the team.

Team: Team Flash
– Team Flash adds new players from Cambodia to their ranks.
– Innocent and CHMA join the team.

MPLI 2023 Schedule and Venue

MPLI 2023 will take place from November 15 to 19, with the playoffs scheduled for November 17 to 19 at the GBK Basketball Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. Tickets are available for purchase on the official ticketing platform, KiosTix.

Stay Updated with ONE Esports

For the latest news, guides, and updates on MLBB esports, follow ONE Esports on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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