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League of Legends’ Animated Series “Arcane” Receives Rave Reviews

Samuel Crossley

League of Legends’ animated series “Arcane” has been met with overwhelming praise since its release in 2021. Fans and critics alike have lauded the show for its stunning animation, epic soundtrack, gripping storyline, and impeccable casting.

A Stellar Cast Brings the Characters to Life

The voice cast of “Arcane” is led by Hailee Steinfeld, who portrays Vi, and Ella Purnell, who brings Jinx to life. Other notable stars lend their voices to beloved League of Legends champions, including Kevin Alejandro as Jayce, Harry Lloyd as Viktor, and Katie Leung as Caitlyn.

Despite most of the actors having no prior experience with League of Legends, they have successfully embodied their characters in their own unique ways. Purnell delved into the League of Legends subreddit to uncover more about Jinx, while Lloyd even tried his hand at playing the game as Viktor.

Katie Leung’s Surprising Performance as Caitlyn

One standout performance in “Arcane” comes from Katie Leung, known for her role in the Harry Potter films. Leung takes on the role of Caitlyn, the sheriff of Piltover, and delivers a fresh interpretation of the character.

Leung’s portrayal of Caitlyn surprised fans, as she brought her own spin to the character rather than strictly adhering to previous interpretations. In an interview with ONE Esports, Leung revealed that she refrained from extensive research on Caitlyn to avoid being influenced by various interpretations. Instead, she embraced a collaborative approach with the show’s creators, writers, and directors to develop her own unique take on the character.

The Evolution of Caitlyn

Caitlyn, a champion in League of Legends, has undergone various interpretations throughout the years. Initially introduced in 2011 as an English sharpshooter with a distinctive top hat and Hextech rifle, Caitlyn’s character has evolved over time.

In Legends of Runeterra, Caitlyn’s intellect and growth as a rookie investigator are highlighted. Riot Games also updated Caitlyn’s theme and appearance in the Art and Sustainability Update, emphasizing her wealthy and aristocratic background.

In “Arcane,” Caitlyn is portrayed as a promising figure from Piltover, showcasing her journey and development within the series.

Katie Leung’s Thoughts on Voice Acting

Katie Leung expressed her fascination with voice acting, noting that it allows actors to convey truthfulness solely through their voices. She appreciates the freedom and specificity that voice acting offers, allowing for multiple takes and exploration of character nuances.

“Arcane” marks Leung’s first major voice acting role for a video game series adaptation. She commended the show’s creators and executive producers for their attention to detail and their ability to provide valuable insights into the character’s backstory during the recording process.

Leung described her experience working with Riot Games as joyful and praised the team for their support and guidance in bringing Caitlyn to life.

Fans can catch Katie Leung’s captivating performance as Caitlyn in “Arcane,” available on Netflix.

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