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Master the Best Inferno Smokes for Counter-Strike 2


Get Ready for Counter-Strike 2 with These Inferno Smokes

Counter-Strike 2 is on its way, and it’s crucial to learn the top Inferno smokes to ensure you’re well-prepared. Inferno, a classic map in Counter-Strike, has undergone some changes in the new iteration. With the removal of sky boxes, players now have the opportunity to discover new and innovative smokes for the A site. In this article, we’ll showcase the best Inferno smokes according to CS Tactics’ YouTube video. These smokes will cover key positions such as Arch, Library, Deep Lane, and Moto. The best part? All of these smokes can be thrown from the same position in alt-mid.

Where to Set Up for the Best Inferno Smokes on A Site

To execute the best Inferno smokes for the A site, position yourself near the newsstand next to the potted plant in alt-mid. This spot is located roughly under the letter E in Tabaccheria. Stand in the middle of the newsstand and run into it. From this position, you’ll be able to throw all of the smokes we’re about to discuss.

Arch Smoke

To smoke off Arch, aim your crosshair at the dark spot just to the left of the thicker spot in the wire. This spot is located where the gutter drain starts on the roof over the balcony. Make sure you aim for the dark speck to the left of the thick spot. Once you’ve lined up your crosshair, perform a jump throw to land the smoke deep in the arch, preventing any rotators from spotting you.

Library Smoke

For a deep smoke in the library, use the following lineup. Aim your crosshair at the letter S in Casa and move up to the roof beam above it. Align the tip of your crosshair with the tip of the beam and perform a jump throw. This deep smoke fills more of the library, leaving less room for opponents to sneak out. As soon as they walk out, they’ll be forced through the doorway choke point.

Moto Smoke

To smoke off moto, adjust your crosshair slightly to the right. Line it up with the letter V in Vigna, move up to the tip of the beam, and perform a jump throw. This smoke completely fills up moto, preventing anyone from holding the back arch corner. It’s an excellent smoke for wrapping to CT spawn or pushing up lane.

Lane Smoke

The final smoke is all about gaining control of lane and eliminating the pit player. Although this smoke may be used less frequently, it can still be a solid play in certain situations. It’s particularly useful for fast site takes without a molotov for pit or when time is running out and you can’t clear pit. To throw the deep lane smoke, aim your crosshair at the bottom left of the lamp and drop it slightly below. No jump throw is needed; simply left-click and let it fly.

These are the four best Inferno smokes you can utilize to take the A site. If you’d like to watch the video by CS Tactics that covers these Inferno smokes, you can find it here.


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