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Mastering Dyrroth: A Comprehensive Guide


Unleash the Power of Darkness with Dyrroth in Mobile Legends

Dyrroth, the Prince of the Abyss, is a formidable fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his ability to weaken enemies’ physical defense and unleash burst damage, he can easily take down squishy mages and marksmen. In this in-depth guide, we will cover everything you need to know to master playing as Dyrroth, including his abilities, recommended build, battle spells, emblems, and skill tips.

Understanding Dyrroth’s Abilities

Passive – Wrath of the Abyss

Dyrroth’s passive ability enhances his first two active skills, Burst Strike and Spectre Step, when his Rage reaches one of the two bars. He also releases Circle Strike after every two basic attacks, dealing physical damage to enemies and regenerating HP based on the damage dealt. Each hit on an enemy hero reduces the cooldown of Burst Strike and Spectre Step by one second. It’s important to have full Rage bars or at least one before attacking your target. Attacking minions and creeps fills his Rage. Circle Strike can critically strike and benefits from physical lifesteal and skill effects.

First Skill – Burst Strike

Burst Strike is a skill that releases a burst of strikes in a designated direction, dealing physical damage to enemies and slowing them. The damage decays against the same target and decreases on minions. When enhanced by his passive, Burst Strike has a longer range, deals more damage, and has a doubled slowing effect. It’s important to cover the entire minion wave to maximize Circle Strike and regenerate Rage.

Second Skill – Spectre Step

Spectre Step is Dyrroth’s dash skill that allows him to move in a designated direction. When he hits a target, he deals physical damage to enemies. Using this skill again locks onto a target and releases a Fatal Strike, dealing damage and reducing the target’s physical defense. When enhanced by his passive, Fatal Strike deals more damage, slows the target even more, and reduces their physical defense for a longer duration. Max this skill first as it is his initiation and escape ability.

Ultimate – Abysm Strike

Abysm Strike is Dyrroth’s ultimate skill that charges and releases a Fatal Strike, dealing huge physical damage based on his base damage, extra physical attack, and a percentage of the enemies’ lost HP. It also slows them momentarily. You can extend the range or change the target direction of this ultimate by using Flicker. It is usually used as a finishing blow but can also be used for initial burst damage.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

For EXP laners, Flicker is the most ideal battle spell as it helps with chasing down opponents or escaping from danger. Vengeance is a good choice when facing heroes that prefer direct combat. For junglers, Retribution is the obvious choice as it helps with clearing creeps and securing objectives.

The recommended emblem for Dyrroth is the Assassin emblem, which provides adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and extra movement speed. Rupture and Weapon Master are the recommended talents to maximize damage output. Killing Spree is the primary talent for its HP restoration and extra movement speed upon killing an enemy hero.

Best Build for Dyrroth

The best build for Dyrroth focuses on physical penetration and damage. Blade of the Heptaseas, Hunter Strike, and War Axe are recommended for their physical penetration. Dominance Ice provides physical defense and lifesteal reduction against the enemy team. Malefic Roar or Blade of Despair can be purchased for additional physical damage. Finally, a defensive item like Antique Cuirass or Athena’s Shield should be included in the build.

Skill Combos to Master

In the early game, initiate with Spectre Step to close the gap on your opponent, then follow up with Burst Strike and basic attacks. Make sure to have at least one Rage bar before attacking to utilize the enhanced version of Spectre Step. When Abysm Strike is available, use it after hitting your target with Spectre Step and Burst Strike. Finish them off with basic attacks if they survive the ultimate. Remember, you can use Flicker to extend the range or change the target direction of Abysm Strike if your target tries to flee.

By mastering Dyrroth’s abilities, choosing the right battle spell and emblem, and building him correctly, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Dominate your enemies and lead your team to victory with the Prince of the Abyss.


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