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Mastering Paquito: A Guide to Winning with the Heavenly Fist in Mobile Legends

Samuel Crossley

Unleash the Power of Paquito and Dominate the Land of Dawn!

Learn how to become a champion in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with the newest addition to the hero roster, Paquito! Based on the legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, Paquito brings his fighting skills and relentless determination to the battlefield. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the best strategies and techniques to master Paquito’s unique abilities and secure victory in every match.

Understanding Paquito’s Skills

Paquito’s passive ability, Champ Stance, allows him to enter an enhanced state after every three skill casts. In this state, Paquito gains increased movement speed and his skills ignore cooldowns. This means you can continuously chain skills and auto attacks without being limited by mana. Make sure to choose the right enhanced skill for each situation to maximize your impact on the battlefield.

Paquito’s first skill, Heavy Left Punch, deals physical damage to enemies in the target direction. If it hits an enemy hero or jungle creep, Paquito also gains a shield for added protection. In Champ Stance, the damage and shield value are increased, and both normal and enhanced shields can stack. Use this skill strategically to absorb damage from key enemy spells and protect yourself during fights.

Jab, Paquito’s second skill, allows him to dash in the target direction and deal physical damage to enemies. If he collides with an enemy hero or jungle creep during the dash, he will immediately throw a jab. Maximize the damage of this skill by aiming it accurately at your target. In Champ Stance, the damage is greatly increased, making it a powerful tool for engaging and bursting down enemies.

Paquito’s ultimate ability, Knockout Strike, is a two-part attack. He launches an elbow strike in the target direction, dealing physical damage and knocking enemies back. Then, he throws a haymaker that deals even more damage and slows enemies for one second as he moves backward. In Champ Stance, the haymaker is replaced with an uppercut that deals massive damage and knocks enemies airborne. Use this ultimate to initiate fights, disrupt enemy formations, and secure kills.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Paquito

To maximize Paquito’s potential, it’s recommended to choose the Flicker battle spell. This will enhance your offensive capabilities and allow you to stick to targets more effectively. Alternatively, you can choose Execute for finishing off enemies or Retribution if you’re playing as a jungler.

For emblems, the Fighter emblem is the best choice for Paquito. It provides significant spell vamp, adaptive attack, and hybrid defense, increasing your sustainability in fights. If you prefer higher damage output, the Assassin emblem is also a viable option, granting adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed.

When it comes to building items, a hybrid build of damage, cooldown reduction, and defense works best for Paquito. Start with Tough Boots or Warrior Boots, depending on the enemy team’s lineup. Then, purchase Bloodlust Axe for increased spell vamp and Hunter Strike for additional physical attack, cooldown reduction, and physical penetration. Brute Force Breastplate and Oracle are essential for fortifying your defense and maximizing cooldown reduction. Consider buying Immortality for increased survivability or Malefic Roar/Blade of Despair for amplified damage if your team has a significant advantage.

Easy Combos to Master

Paquito’s ultimate ability does the most damage, followed by his second skill. With his passive refreshing the cooldown of all skills, you can use the same skill twice in a row when at max stacks in Enhanced Stance. Start your combo with two Knockout Strikes, followed by Jab and Heavy Left Punch. If you’re not at max stacks, build up to this combo by starting with Jab and then using Heavy Left Punch. Remember to aim for the double ultimate cast in Enhanced Stance mode for maximum impact.

For more advanced combos and techniques, refer to our comprehensive guide on Paquito.

With this guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge and strategies to dominate the battlefield as Paquito. Unleash the power of the Heavenly Fist and show your opponents what it means to be a true champion in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!



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