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Mastering Pharsa: A Guide to the Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

Phyre Kimble

Unleash Vengeance with Pharsa, the Blindfolded Princess

Pharsa, the mage hero in Mobile Legends, is fueled by vengeance as she brings down her enemies with her powerful magic burst spells. With her long-range ultimate and exceptional mobility, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. If you’re a mage user looking to master Pharsa, this guide will help you achieve that.

Pharsa’s Skills

Passive – Spiritual Unity

Pharsa’s passive skill, Spiritual Unity, allows her companion Verri to assist her in battle. Verri enters the Hunting state every few seconds and helps Pharsa deal extra magic damage to enemy heroes. This skill can be activated by both basic attacks and skills.

First Skill – Curse of Crow

Curse of Crow is Pharsa’s first skill, which allows her to cast a blast of magic at a target location. This skill deals magic damage to enemies hit and marks them for a few seconds. Pharsa can consume the mark with her subsequent attack, stunning the marked enemies.

Second Skill – Energy Impact

Energy Impact is Pharsa’s second skill, where she releases magic energy in a target direction. This skill deals massive magic damage to enemies hit. It is recommended to max out this skill first as it is her main damage ability for poking and farming.

Ultimate – Feathered Air Strike

Pharsa’s ultimate skill, Feathered Air Strike, allows her to fly into mid-air and launch a round of air raid on a target area. This skill deals massive magic damage to enemies within the area. Pharsa can cast this skill up to four times within the duration. It is important to note that moving or using Wings by Wings will interrupt the skill.

Extra Skill – Wings by Wings

Wings by Wings is Pharsa’s extra skill, where she turns into mist and gains extra movement speed. This skill allows her to fly over terrain for a few seconds or until she launches an attack or is controlled. It is a versatile skill that can be used for ganking, escaping, or setting up ambushes.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play Pharsa

Recommended Battle Spell

For additional mobility, Flicker is the recommended battle spell for Pharsa. It can be used to extend the range of Feathered Air Strike or reposition yourself while using your ultimate. Flameshot is also a viable option for additional damage, while Purify can be chosen if the enemy team has many crowd control abilities.

Recommended Emblem

To maximize Pharsa’s magic damage output, the Mage emblem is the best choice. It provides substantial amounts of magic power, magic penetration, and cooldown reduction. Alternatively, the Assassin emblem can be used for adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed.

Pharsa’s Best Build

To boost Pharsa’s magic power, the recommended build includes Arcane Boots, Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, Divine Glaive, Genius Wand, and Holy Crystal. Winter Truncheon or Immortality can be added for improved survivability.

Easy Combos to Learn

In the early game, use the Curse of Crow-Energy Impact combo to poke your opponent in the lane and clear minion waves. At level four, you can execute the Curse of Crow-Energy Impact-Feathered Air Strike combo to burst down enemies quickly. Use Wings by Wings to retreat after eliminating your target.


Mastering Pharsa in Mobile Legends requires understanding her skills, choosing the right battle spell and emblem, and building the appropriate items. With practice and strategy, you can become a formidable mage hero on the battlefield. So, gear up and unleash vengeance with Pharsa!


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