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Mastering Rafaela: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing the Support Hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang



Rafaela is an exceptional support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possessing a wide range of abilities that make her an invaluable asset to any team. In this guide, we will explore her skills and provide tips on how to effectively play as Rafaela.

Rafaela’s Skills

Rafaela has four unique skills that contribute to her effectiveness as a support hero. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Passive – Deity Penalization

Rafaela’s passive ability allows her to penalize enemy heroes who have killed her by firing a homing blast that deals true damage. This can be a powerful tool in securing kills for your allies, but it requires careful positioning and timing to ensure its success.

Skill 1 – Light of Retribution

Light of Retribution is an offensive ability that allows Rafaela to deal magic damage to nearby enemy units. It also reveals hidden enemies and reduces their movement speed. This skill is particularly effective against heroes with stealth abilities, making Rafaela a strong counterpick in those situations.

Skill 2 – Holy Healing

Holy Healing is Rafaela’s healing ability, which restores HP to nearby allied heroes. It also grants additional HP to herself and the most injured ally in range. This skill is perfect for initiating team fights and should be used strategically to keep your carries alive.

Ultimate – Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism is Rafaela’s ultimate ability, unleashing the true power of Holy Light in a target direction. It deals magic damage to enemies in a line and stuns them. While this skill has a slow casting time and should not be used to initiate team fights, it can be effective in finishing off enemy heroes or protecting your allies.

How to Play Rafaela Effectively

To maximize Rafaela’s potential as a support hero, here are some tips on how to play her effectively:

Recommended Battle Spell

Flicker is the recommended battle spell for Rafaela due to her lack of mobility. It allows her to escape dangerous situations or position herself for better skill usage. Purify can also be a viable option if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control.

Recommended Emblem

The Support emblem is highly recommended for Rafaela as it enhances her healing abilities and provides valuable benefits such as increased cooldown reduction and movement speed. Agility and Tenacity are recommended talents to improve her survivability and movement speed.

Best Build for Rafaela

To enhance Rafaela’s mana regeneration, prioritize acquiring Enchanted Talisman. Thunder Belt and Ice Queen Wand are also recommended to amplify her offensive capabilities. Build defensive items like Antique Cuirass and Athena’s Shield based on the enemy team composition.

Easy Combos to Learn

Start the game by selecting Light of Retribution at level one, then prioritize upgrading Holy Healing. Upgrade Holy Baptism whenever available. Use Light of Retribution near bushes to avoid enemy jungle invasions. When ganking lanes, use Holy Healing for increased movement speed and Light of Retribution to stun enemies. Get up close to ensure the successful use of Holy Baptism.


Rafaela is a versatile support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, capable of healing, damaging, and stunning enemies. By mastering her skills and following the tips provided in this guide, you can become an invaluable asset to your team and lead them to victory.


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