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Mastering Uranus: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing the Resilient Tank Hero in Mobile Legends


Uranus: The Unstoppable Tank

Uranus is an incredibly durable tank hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his high HP regeneration and shield gain, he can absorb massive amounts of damage. Additionally, his low-cooldown skills allow him to deal significant damage over time. In this guide, we will help you master playing Uranus and achieve victory with this formidable hero.

Uranus’ Skills

Passive – Radiance

Uranus absorbs energy from incoming attacks, regenerating a certain amount of HP. When at max stacks, he regenerates HP that scales with level. To accumulate stacks efficiently, prioritize reaching the maximum stacks before clearing minion waves. Remember that stacks will disappear if you don’t take any damage for a few seconds.

First Skill – Ionic Edge

Uranus releases two energy blades that orbit around him, dealing magic damage and slowing enemy targets. Each hit marks the target, increasing the damage of this skill. Use Ionic Edge to pressure your opponent early in the game. Max out this skill first, as it is Uranus’ main source of damage and crowd control.

Second Skill – Transcendent Ward

Uranus charges towards a targeted location, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies. He also generates an energy shield that explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Use Transcendent Ward to close the gap against enemies or escape sticky situations. You can even dash through walls using this skill.

Ultimate – Consecration

Uranus removes slow effects on himself, recovers HP, and gains a massive boost in movement speed. He also gains stacks of Radiance, increasing shields received and HP regen. Use Consecration in team fights to tank damage and protect your teammates. It can also be used to chase down enemies or escape from pursuers.

How to Play Uranus

Recommended Battle Spell

Flicker is the top choice for a battle spell, providing extra mobility to chase down or evade opponents. Sprint is also a viable option for enhanced movement capabilities. Consider selecting Purify when facing opponents with multiple control abilities.

Recommended Emblem

The Basic Common emblem is the best choice for Uranus, providing substantial hybrid regeneration, extra adaptive attack, and HP. Choose Agility for extra movement speed and Tenacity to bolster defense when HP is low. For the final tier, select Brave Smite for periodic HP regeneration when dealing skill damage to enemies.

Uranus’ Best Build

Construct a well-rounded item build that emphasizes mana regeneration and overall defense. Start with defensive Boots, then get Dominance Ice for physical defense and mana. Enchanted Talisman provides mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. Oracle boosts magic defense, shield gain, and HP regen. Bruteforce Breastplate offers physical and magic defense, cooldown reduction, and increased movement speed. Choose a suitable defensive option for your final item.

Easy Combos to Learn

In the laning stage, pressure your opponent by using Transcendent Ward to close the gap, followed by Ionic Edge for damage. Maintain maximum stacks of Radiance for an advantage in trading attacks. In team fights, focus on tanking damage to protect your teammates. Your role as a tank is crucial for securing victory.

The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Uranus

Refer to the table below for the best heroes to counter Uranus:

| Hero Name | Role | Counter Ability |
| Hero 1 | Role | Ability 1 |
| Hero 2 | Role | Ability 2 |
| Hero 3 | Role | Ability 3 |


Mastering Uranus in Mobile Legends requires understanding his skills, choosing the right battle spell and emblem, and building a suitable item set. Use his abilities strategically to tank damage, deal damage over time, and protect your teammates. With practice and the right strategy, you can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.


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