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Moonton Games Releases Surprise Update to Address Meta Imbalance

Kelly Young

Moonton Games has taken players by surprise with the release of an emergency update, patch 1.8.20 balance adjustment. This update aims to tackle critical issues within the current competitive meta. The focus of this patch is to nerf three of the most dominant healers in the game, based on data collected from ranked matches and the MPL. These adjustments are expected to create a more balanced and competitive gameplay environment.

Here are the changes made in the MLBB patch 1.8.20 balance adjustment:

– Skill 2 – Guiding Wind: Duration of Ally’s Movement Speed Boost decreased from 2.5s to 2s
– Ultimate – Circling Eagle: Wisp damage decreased from 60-70 to 40 at all levels, Cooldown increased from 30s to 40s, Base shield decreased from 600-900 to 400-600

– Skill 2 – Holy Healing: Movement speed and slow immunity duration decreased from 1.5s to 1s

– Skill 1 – Love Waves: Magic bonus decreased from 90% to 75%
– Ultimate – Heartguard: Shield decreased from 1200-2000 + 200%-400% magic power to 1000-1600 + 200%-300% magic power

– Attributes: Physical attack growth decreased from 10 to 7.5

– Passive – Tiger Pace: Increased dash speed with attack speed to match the pre-nerf version

– Ultimate – Final Slash: Cooldown decreased from 30-24s to 24-18s

– Skill 1 – Contract: Soul Steal: Soul Steal upper limit increased from 500 to 650
– Ultimate – Contract: Chase Fate: Damage decreased from 400-600 + 10% of target’s max HP to 250-400 + 8% of target’s max HP

– Passive – Crystalline Armor: Conversion ratio from crystal energy into HP decreased from 25% to 20% (For damage dealt to Minions: 15% >> 10%)
– Ultimate – Appraiser’s Wrath: Hybrid defense decreased from 30-60 to 15-35

– Skill 2 – Execution Strike: Total physical attack bonus for the first two hits adjusted from 180% to 160%-185%, Total physical attack bonus for the third hit adjusted from 300% to 220%-320%

– Ultimate – Primal Wrath: Lifesteal increase from 10-30% to 5%-20%

– Skill 1 – Avian Authority: Cooldown decreased from 7s to 6-5s
– Skill 2- Blue Nova: Cooldown adjusted from 11-8.5s to 12-10s

These changes are expected to have a significant impact on the MPL meta. The introduction of the Flask of the Oasis item has elevated the importance of healers, making heroes like Angela and Mathilda highly contested during the pick and ban phase. However, with the nerfs to their skills, it is likely that teams will shift their focus back to initiators like Khufra and Grock. This will bring more diversity to team strategies.

The upcoming MPL SG Season 6 and MPL PH Season 12 playoffs, starting on October 20 and October 25 respectively, will showcase the effects of these balance adjustments. It remains to be seen if these changes will solidify the status of certain heroes as top picks in professional play. Stay tuned to ONE Esports for the latest MLBB esports news, guides, and updates.

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