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Play Competitive VR FPS Game X8 from Home with No PC Required

Kelly Young

Thirdverse has launched a new virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) game called X8, offering a competitive gaming experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. The game runs on your VR device, eliminating the need for a PC. As someone who had no prior VR experience and did not own a VR headset, I was provided with a Meta Quest 3 to test the game. This review is based on my personal thoughts and is not influenced by any external factors.

X8 is a thrilling 5v5 tactical shooter that immediately reminded me of Riot Games’ Valorant. It features character-based abilities and requires strategic teamwork. The objective for the offensive team is to deploy the “syphon” (bomb/spike) at specific spots on the map, while the opposing team defends these sites and attempts to defuse the syphon if it is armed.

The game offers a diverse selection of heroes, each with three unique abilities and hero-specific items that add to their distinctiveness. I tried a hero similar to Cypher from Valorant, equipped with a trip wire and a reveal ability, among others.

One of the standout features of X8 is its smooth gameplay. The performance of the game was consistently excellent, with frame rates never dropping below 70 frames per second. Even during intense moments with gunfire, smoke, and various abilities in play, the game remained incredibly smooth.

Graphically, X8 delivers solid visuals for a VR game. While it may not match the high-end graphics of PC games, it holds up well within the VR medium.

The game offers a wide variety of weapons, each with its own unique feel and usage. You have the option to dual wield almost any weapon, but controlling recoil becomes a challenge. I tested a rifle, a large SMG, and a pistol, and each weapon felt distinct. You can choose to hip fire or aim down sights for more accuracy.

In terms of movement, X8 allows you to walk, sprint, and crouch, providing different tactical possibilities for positioning and rotating between sites.

One of the immersive aspects of VR gaming is the need for physical participation. Reloading requires dropping the magazine, reaching over your shoulder to grab a new one, and slotting it into your weapon. Throwing your knife involves physically reaching down, grabbing the knife, and throwing it. X8 successfully brings players into the game through these interactive mechanics.

X8 is free-to-play, with the developers planning to generate revenue through in-game skins. They showcased their first skin during my session, and it was impressive. The skin not only changes the appearance of the weapon but also includes unique shooting animations and more.

However, I must mention a significant issue that may not affect everyone but is common in fast-paced VR experiences: motion sickness. As someone prone to motion sickness from activities like rollercoasters and reading in a moving vehicle, playing a competitive FPS game in VR triggered severe motion sickness for me. Although I managed to complete the session, I had to lie down for an hour afterward and still experienced waves of discomfort throughout the day. It’s worth noting that many players have reported that playing in short bouts can help build tolerance and reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Overall, X8 offers a fantastic gaming experience with smooth gameplay, diverse options, and solid performance. If you’re looking for a competitive VR FPS game, I highly recommend giving X8 a try.

You can find X8 on Steam and Meta platforms.


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Christopher Brown

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