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Pro/cess: The Grit Behind Esports Success


Experience the behind-the-scenes journey of top esports talents in the exclusive mini-documentary series, Pro/cess, brought to you by Omne by FWD and ONE Esports. Join Metasit “Moowan” Leelapipatkul, Huỳnh “Lu” Hải Hoàng Luân, Calvin “VYN”, and Nadya “Unaa” Kheitna Putri as they share their daily routines, challenges, and triumphs in the world of esports.

Moowan, once a rebellious child, has become one of Thailand’s most successful RoV players. As the long-term captain of a premier team, he has secured five domestic titles and one international championship. At just 23 years old, Moowan’s journey is far from over.

Hoang Luan, originally a football commentator, found his calling in League of Legends after a disagreement with his boss. He became one of Vietnam’s first casters and is considered a pioneer in his field. Known as an “ancient tree” of Vietnamese esports, Hoang Luan has laid the foundation for casting in his country.

VYN’s rise to success in esports began with a small Mobile Legends tournament. From there, he went on to captain Rex Regum Qeon, one of Indonesia’s legendary teams. Despite starting from the bottom, VYN’s determination led him to become the “King of Kings” in MLBB, participating in every M World Championship.

Unaa, despite her family’s traditional values, pursued her passion for gaming and content creation. As a brand ambassador for Evos, she balances her responsibilities with her education and continues to excel. With millions of followers and her own gaming web store, Unaa’s success is only just beginning.

Pro/cess takes you behind the scenes, showcasing the training camps and home grounds where these talents honed their skills. Witness the challenges they faced and the obstacles they overcame to reach their current positions.

The series consists of three short episodes, each running approximately three to five minutes. Exclusively available on Omne by FWD for six months, Pro/cess offers an inside look into the lives of these esports stars.

About Omne by FWD

Omne by FWD is a lifestyle app that helps you achieve your goals through fun, goal-based journeys. With tailored content and rewards, Omne offers activities and content such as music, mini-games, and esports to help you relax, sleep better, energize, focus, and get inspired.

In collaboration with ONE Esports, Omne has created the unique and exclusive series, Pro/cess, featuring the inspiring stories of top gaming personalities in esports. Each episode explores the challenges these professionals have overcome to become the best in their field. Filmed at their training locations and showcasing their daily routines and discipline, Pro/cess reveals the factors behind their success.

Download Omne now to watch this captivating series. Available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Omne will level up your everyday life.

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Christopher Brown

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