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Ranking the LoL Coven Skins: From Worst to Best

Kelly Young

The LoL Coven skins have become incredibly popular since their release in 2018. These skins embrace the dark and mysterious world of witchcraft and the occult, transforming champions into enchanting sorcerers. Inspired by various mythologies and folklore, the Coven skins capture the eerie and magical essence of covens and the arcane arts. Let’s take a look at all the LoL Coven skins and rank them from worst to best.

Champion Skin
Ahri Coven Ahri
Akali Coven Akali
Akali Prestige Coven Akali
Ashe Coven Ashe
Camille Coven Camille
Cassiopeia Coven Cassiopeia
Elise Coven Elise
Evelynn Coven Evelynn
LeBlanc Coven LeBlanc
LeBlanc Prestige Coven LeBlanc
Lissandra Coven Lissandra
Morgana Coven Morgana
Nami Coven Nami
Nilah Coven Nilah
Syndra Coven Syndra
Zyra Coven Zyra
Zyra Prestige Coven Zyra

Lost in the Woods

Coven Ahri, Coven Cassiopeia, Coven Elise, Coven Ashe, Coven Akali, and Prestige Coven Akali are the skins that fall towards the bottom of our ranking. These champions seem to lack the true essence of the Coven theme and require some adjustments to fully embody the witchcraft and occult aesthetic. Akali, in particular, feels out of place with her hairstyle and schoolgirl-like outfit on her Prestige Coven skin.

While Elise embodies the concept of the Coven, her in-game model and particle effects could be improved to match the other Coven skins. Her spider form, in particular, could benefit from darker hues and additional effects to truly capture the Coven aesthetic.

Wicked Witches

Coven Lissandra, Coven Zyra, Prestige Coven Zyra, Coven LeBlanc, Prestige Coven LeBlanc, Coven Nilah, and Coven Camille rank higher in our list. Coven Lissandra, despite not being a legendary skin, stands out with her graceful recall animation surrounded by delicate blossoms.

Zyra’s abilities and ultimate ability effects transform her into a menacing force, while the Prestige versions of Zyra and LeBlanc could have been enhanced with a darker color scheme to align better with the Coven theme.

Queens of Coven

The top three LoL Coven skins belong to Morgana, Evelynn, and Nami, solidifying their status as the reigning queens of this skin line. Coven Nami, the latest addition, delves into the terrifying depths of the sea, embodying a desperate witch hunting for unsuspecting victims to satisfy the Leviathan’s hunger. The tentacles replacing her mermaid tail create a chilling effect, and her ultimate ability’s particle effects showcase a colossal sea creature ready to devour anything in its path.

Coven Morgana captures the essence of a witching hour with her captivating splash art and ominous particle effects. Her recall animation, where she transforms into a black sparrow before returning to her imposing Coven form, is mesmerizing.

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