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T1 Crowned Worlds 2023 Champions with a 3-0 Sweep

Kelly Young

T1, the renowned League of Legends organization, has emerged victorious as the champions of Worlds 2023. Led by the legendary player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, this marks their fourth world championship title, solidifying Faker’s status as the only player to achieve such a feat. T1’s dominance over the LPL teams remains unchallenged, as they have never lost a best-of-five series against an LPL team in Worlds history. In a thrilling final against Weibo Gaming, T1 showcased their redemption and secured a clean sweep to claim the Summoner’s Cup.

Game 1: T1’s Mid-Game Power Secures the Victory

In the first game, T1 surprised the crowd by picking Yone for Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, a champion that proved instrumental in their victory against JD Gaming in the semifinals. Facing off against Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok’s Aatrox, T1 completed their team composition with a last-pick Lee Sin for Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun. Weibo Gaming opted for a scaling bot lane, while T1 focused on early dragon control. The game saw both teams trading kills, but two crucial team fights turned the tide in T1’s favor. Oner’s flashy Lee Sin plays and Zeus’ Yone dismantled Weibo Gaming’s formation, leading to a decisive Baron capture. With a firm grip on the game, T1 secured their first victory.

Game 2: T1’s Varied Draft Overwhelms Weibo Gaming

In the second game, T1 showcased their versatility by drafting Draven, Nocturne, and Gwen as counterpicks to Weibo Gaming’s composition. Despite giving up early dragon control, T1 made a statement in team fights, utilizing Nocturne’s Paranoia to isolate and eliminate key targets. With a significant lead in kills and gold, T1 closed out the game with ease, showcasing their dominance.

Game 3: T1’s Unstoppable Snowball Seals the Championship

In the final game, Weibo Gaming attempted to turn the tides by picking Azir and Bard, but T1 remained unfazed. Faker’s Akali proved to be a game-changer, securing a massive triple kill in a crucial mid-lane team fight. From that point on, T1 maintained complete control, obliterating any attempts from Weibo Gaming to mount a comeback. With an overwhelming lead in kills, T1 swiftly closed out the game in just 25 minutes, securing their well-deserved victory and lifting the Summoner’s Cup.

Faker’s Redemption and T1’s Place in History

This victory marks a significant moment for Faker, who had not won a championship in seven years. With six appearances at Worlds, Faker has experienced both triumph and heartbreak. However, with this win, he and T1 have redeemed themselves and solidified their place in League of Legends esports history. T1’s flawless record against LPL teams in best-of-five series and Faker’s unprecedented four world championship titles make them an unparalleled force in the competitive scene.

Note: The remaining content in the table has been kept unchanged to maintain the original information, format, and time/score details.


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