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Thamuz Guide: Master the Lord Lava in Mobile Legends

Kelly Young

Unleash the Power of Thamuz, the Fiery Fighter Hero

Thamuz, also known as the Lord Lava, is a fearsome fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his fiery abilities, he can deal damage while regenerating his health, making him a force to be reckoned with in close combat. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to maximize Thamuz’s potential and dominate the battlefield.

Master Thamuz’s Skills

Passive – Grand Lord Lava

Thamuz’s passive ability, Grand Lord Lava, grants him powerful bonuses. When he wields his Scythes, each basic attack has a chance to conjure a burst of Lava Energy that deals true damage. Without his Scythes, Thamuz gains extra movement speed and enhances his next basic attack, slowing the target and triggering Lava Energy. Building attack speed items increases the chance of conjuring Lava Energy.

First Skill – Molten Scythes

Molten Scythes is Thamuz’s primary skill. He tosses his scythes in a target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. The scythes then roll in the same direction, damaging and slowing nearby enemies. Thamuz can retrieve the scythes early or wait for them to return automatically. Use this skill to reveal enemies in bushes and interrupt enemy movement or spells.

Second Skill – Chasm Trample

Chasm Trample is Thamuz’s mobility skill. He jumps to a designated area, dealing damage and slowing enemies upon landing. If the scythes are still traveling, they will return to him, instantly resetting the cooldown of Molten Scythes. Use this skill to initiate attacks or escape from dangerous situations. You can also jump over walls with Chasm Trample.

Ultimate – Cauterant Inferno

Thamuz’s ultimate ability, Cauterant Inferno, unleashes his stored lava, dealing damage to nearby enemies and creating a Cauterant Zone. While in the zone, Thamuz gains extra max HP, heals himself, and increases his attack speed. He also recovers a percentage of his max HP with each basic attack or scythe damage. Use this ultimate before engaging in fights to maximize its benefits.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

For Thamuz’s battle spell, Flicker is an excellent choice as it provides additional mobility. Vengeance is a good option if you need to tank damage for your team, while Retribution is ideal for jungle play. As for the emblem, the Fighter emblem is recommended, with talents like Firmness and Festival of Blood for extra defense and spell vamp.

Optimal Build for Thamuz

To optimize Thamuz’s passive and ultimate abilities, focus on attack speed items like Corrosion Scythe, Golden Staff, and Demon Hunter Sword. For defense, consider Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, or Blade Armor for physical defense, and Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor for magic defense. Malefic Roar can be added for increased damage, and Immortality for late-game survivability.

Easy Combos to Master

In the laning stage, pressure your enemies with Molten Scythes and Chasm Trample. Initiate with Molten Scythes and follow up with Chasm Trample for maximum damage. In team fights, target enemy mages or marksmen and use Chasm Trample or Flicker to close the distance. Trigger Cauterant Inferno before engaging for increased sustain and damage.

Remember to adapt your battle spell, emblem, and build according to the game situation and your team’s needs. With practice and mastery of Thamuz’s skills, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Dominate your enemies and lead your team to victory with the Lord Lava himself, Thamuz!


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