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The Greatest Rivalries of T1 Faker: 7 Players Who Dared to Challenge the Unkillable Demon King

Kelly Young

Ryu: The Zed Mirror Match that Defined a Rivalry

When you think of Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook, you can’t help but remember the iconic Zed solo kill by T1 Faker during the 2013 Champions Korea Summer final. At that time, Ryu was considered the best mid laner in Korea, but Faker and SKT T1 emerged victorious, denying Ryu’s chance to qualify for Worlds 2013. Their rivalry continued at Worlds 2015, where both players acknowledged their growth since their initial encounter.

PawN: The Kryptonite of Faker’s Early Years

Heo “PawN” Won-seok, the World Champion, had a remarkable record against Faker. In the 2014 Champions Korea Summer playoffs, PawN and Samsung White eliminated Faker and SKT T1 K in the quarterfinals. PawN’s dominance continued at MSI 2015, where he played for LPL’s Edward Gaming and defeated Faker’s T1, ending his undefeated streak on LeBlanc.

Coco: The Spring Championship Dream Crushed

Shin “Coco” Jin-yeong, an up-and-coming mid laner from CJ Entus, made waves in the 2015 LCK Spring with impressive performances on Diana and Jayce. In the Spring playoffs, CJ Entus faced SKT T1 in a thrilling best-of-five match. Despite taking an early lead, Coco and his team were reverse-swept by Faker and T1, crushing their dreams of winning the championship.

Crown: The Worlds Stage Triumph

Lee “Crown” Min-ho of Samsung Galaxy joins the list as one of Faker’s most prominent rivals. In the 2017 Worlds final, Crown and his team denied T1’s three-peat and swept them 3-0, becoming the first LCK team to lift the Summoner’s Cup. Crown’s exceptional performance on Malzahar played a crucial role in their victory.

Chovy: The Rising Star and Faker’s LCK Rival

Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon of Gen.G has emerged as a notable rival to Faker in the LCK. Known for his exceptional laning skills, Chovy has consistently challenged Faker’s dominance. Their encounters in the LCK, particularly during the 2023 season, have showcased the intense rivalry between these two mid laners.

Deft: From High School Rivals to Worlds Clash

Faker and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, both alumni of Mapo High School, have been rivals since their early days in professional play. While Faker has secured three world championships, Deft achieved his first at Worlds 2022. In a hard-fought series between DRX and T1, Deft emerged victorious, fulfilling his lifelong dream of defeating Faker.

Caps: The Aspiring Rival Looking to Surpass Faker

Rasmus “Caps” Winther, the most decorated player in the LEC, considers Faker his inspiration. Caps has always dreamed of defeating Faker, especially on champions like Ahri, which Faker excels at. Their rivalry has played out on the international stage, with frequent encounters at Worlds and MSI.

Rival Notable Matches
Ryu 2013 Champions Korea Summer final, Worlds 2015
PawN 2014 Champions Korea Summer playoffs, MSI 2015
Coco 2015 LCK Spring playoffs
Crown Worlds 2017 final
Chovy LCK encounters during the 2023 season
Deft Worlds 2022 clash
Caps Encounters at Worlds and MSI



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