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The Heart of Man: A Tale of Hwei and Jhin

Kelly Young

Hwei and Jhin, two champions from Ionia, share a deep connection in their lore. Jhin, a masterful artist, played a significant role in shaping Hwei’s artistic abilities. Hwei, described as a brooding antihero and a humanoid male mid laner, is the first champion in League of Legends capable of casting 10 unique spells. His nine basic spells, grouped into three subjects, require two buttons to cast, excluding his ultimate. Let’s delve into the story behind Hwei’s journey to becoming the artist he is today, as revealed by Riot’s Champion Insights.

Hwei and Jhin’s Relationship

Hwei grew up in a temple on Koyehn, a small Ionian island, where he dedicated his time to painting. The temple, situated in a mill town, served as a place for students to learn the art of wielding magical powers through precision and balance.

However, when Hwei attempted to combine his vivid imagination with his painting talent, the temple masters discouraged him, insisting on adhering to “traditional practices.” In order to continue living at the temple, Hwei outwardly conformed while secretly honing his unique abilities, feeling both fascinated and fearful of his own power. This act eventually earned him respect and recognition within the community.

Everything changed when Jhin, another exceptional artist, joined the temple. Hwei and Jhin formed a close bond, as Jhin was the only person who truly understood Hwei’s art. However, this friendship took a dark turn when Jhin betrayed Hwei by launching a brutal attack on the temple, replacing his brush with a gun. For Jhin, murder is an art form.

This traumatic event left Hwei scarred and confused, unable to find closure. He expresses his sorrow through his art, which Riot has incorporated into his kit.

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