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The International Records: Will They Be Broken at TI12?


Shortest Game: A Record That Stands Strong

During TI4, Cloud9 faced DK in a best-of-three match. While the first game lasted a grueling 70 minutes, DK managed to turn the tables and secure a victory. However, the second game was a different story. Cloud9, clearly frustrated, surrendered after just 11 minutes and 22 seconds, making it the shortest game in TI history. With only four LAN games being shorter, this record seems highly unlikely to be broken at TI12.

Longest Game: A Record That May Stand the Test of Time

In TI7’s Group Stage, IG.V and Team Empire clashed in a match that had significant implications for Upper and Lower Bracket placements. The first game was closely contested, with Empire emerging victorious after 45 minutes and 31 seconds. However, it was the second game that made history, lasting a staggering 128 minutes and 8 seconds. Only four pro games have lasted longer, and with the right conditions needed for such an extended match, this record is probably safe at TI12.

Gold Per Minute: Alchemist Dominates, but Others Could Rise

Alchemist holds the majority of the top 20 GPM records in TI history, including the highest recorded GPM of 1176 by NiP’s Marcus “Ace” Christensen at TI9. However, Alchemist is not frequently picked or banned in the current meta. While other heroes like Medusa, Templar Assassin, and Terrorblade have posted high GPMs recently, it would require a significant shift in the meta or a surge in Alchemist picks to break this record. As it stands, this record is probably safe at TI12.

Kills: A Legendary Performance

Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan’s 31-kill game on Tiny during TI8 is etched in Dota history. It was a crucial match against OG, with the winner advancing to the Upper Bracket Finals. SumaiL’s exceptional performance helped Evil Geniuses secure a victory, but only three LAN games have seen more kills. With the intensity of TI matches, it is highly unlikely that this record will be broken at TI12.

Deaths: A Record That Could Be Challenged

Brayan “Gardick” Cárdenas and Johan “N0tail” Sundstein hold the record for the most deaths in a single game at The International, with 20 deaths each. While there have been instances of players reaching 21 or more deaths in non-TI LAN games, the possibility of a long and chaotic game at TI12 could see this record challenged. Any extended match could result in a position five player feeding enough to match or surpass this record, making it a category at risk.

Building Damage: A Monumental Feat

At TI10, 23savage’s Tiny dealt an astonishing 40709 building damage, setting a new record. While there have been a couple of close games in the 35-36k range in recent patches, achieving such high building damage requires specific conditions. It usually involves a team being crushed early on and then mounting a comeback where one hero becomes the primary source of damage. Given the rarity of these circumstances, this record is very likely to remain unbroken at TI12.

Assists: A Category with Potential

In the longest TI game between IG.V and Empire, Su “super” Peng secured 44 assists on Oracle. While this is an impressive feat, several players have surpassed this number in LAN games. With the right game length and distribution, as well as a few long matches, this category could be at risk of being broken at TI12.

The Maelk Award: A Feeding Legacy

Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen’s iconic 0/20/21 performance in a pro match remains unmatched. However, there have been notable performances at The International, with eatenfish, StingeR, and N0tail coming close to breaking the record. Certain heroes and playstyles lend themselves to feeding, making this award a safe bet to remain unbroken overall. However, eatenfish’s TI Maelk Award record is still at risk of being surpassed at TI12.

Let’s hope that TI12 brings us new records and unforgettable moments in the world of Dota 2.


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