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TheOhioBrothers: On the Path to Redemption at MPLI 2023


TheOhioBrothers: Aiming for Redemption at MPLI 2023

TheOhioBrothers: North America’s Redemption Journey Begins

TheOhioBrothers’ Determination to Make an Impact

As the sole representative from North America in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational 2023 (MPLI 2023), TheOhioBrothers are determined to leave a lasting impression on the international stage. Mid laner Seong-hun “Hoon” Jang expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to compete in MPLI, stating that the team feels honored to represent North America.

Seeking Redemption after MSC 2023

After their disappointing performance at the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023), TheOhioBrothers are determined to make amends at MPLI. Reflecting on MSC 2023, Hoon acknowledged that the team had little time to adjust to the meta, contributing to their subpar performance. However, lessons learned from MSC 2023 have led them to arrive in Jakarta well in advance, affording them crucial time to adapt to the international meta and refine their strategies for the tournament.

Adapting to a Different Meta

Adapting to a different meta poses a unique challenge for TheOhioBrothers, as North American gameplay differs from the Southeast Asian meta. Hoon acknowledges the disparity and states that the team is putting in the effort to bridge the gap, ensuring they bring their A-game to MPLI.

Rigorous Training and Advantageous Adjustment Period

To enhance their preparation, TheOhioBrothers arrived in Jakarta early to undergo rigorous training sessions. Manager and sixth man Jarred “Wrath” Gillespie sees the team’s adjustment period as an advantage. He believes that other teams need to adapt to their distinctive playstyle, giving them an edge in the competition.

Motivated for Redemption and Driven to Succeed

Wrath views every participating team as a threat, recognizing the high level of competition at MPLI. The team’s motivation is fueled by the desire for redemption from previous international tournament performances. The manager is confident that their team can perform significantly better and is eager to prove that they are a driven and formidable force in the MLBB esports scene.

Excitement for Facing Strong Opponents

When asked which teams they are looking forward to facing in the tournament, Hoon expresses his excitement at the prospect of facing Sanji, his favorite player, on the MPLI stage. This matchup adds an extra layer of motivation for his team as they aim to showcase their skills against the M4 World champions.

Confidence and Promise of Entertaining Matches

In terms of their chances of winning the tournament, Hoon exudes confidence, stating that they have a 76 percent chance of victory based on his impressive win rate in ranked games. Regardless of the statistical odds, TheOhioBrothers promise fans a series of entertaining matches, vowing to give their all in every game they play.

TheOhioBrothers’ Roster for MPLI 2023

TheOhioBrothers’ roster for MPLI 2023 remains unchanged:

Player Role
Seong-hun “Hoon” Jang Mid Laner
Trung “SUPERSHARK” Vo Roamer
Chris “Mielow” Enobio EXP Laner
Carlos “bestplayer1” Ortega Jungler
Ziameth-Jei “ZIA” Caluya Gold Laner
Jarred “Wrath” Gillespie Gold Laner

A North American Powerhouse on the Path to Redemption

As TheOhioBrothers embark on their redemption journey at MPLI 2023, they carry the hopes and expectations of North American Mobile Legends fans. With determination, strategic preparation, and a hunger for redemption, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the international esports stage. Fans can expect thrilling gameplay and a relentless pursuit of excellence from this North American powerhouse.

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MPLI 2023: Schedule, Results, Format, Teams, Where to Watch

For the schedule, results, format, participating teams, and where to watch MPLI 2023, please refer to the official sources for the most up-to-date information.


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