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Top 5 Heroes to Counter Juggernaut in Dota 2

Phyre Kimble

Morphling: The Shapeshifter

Morphling is a great counter to Juggernaut due to his defensive abilities. His Waveform allows him to escape Juggernaut’s Blade Fury and often interrupts Omnislash. Morphling can also outscale Juggernaut in the late game with his mobility and items like Eye of Skadi, Manta Style, and Butterfly.

Windranger: The Elusive Archer

Windranger has a defensive spell called Windrun that helps her escape from Juggernaut. It increases her movement speed and provides physical evasion against Omnislash. Windranger can also chase and lock down Juggernaut with Shackleshot and deal significant damage with Focus Fire.

Doom: The Unstoppable Force

Doom’s Scorched Earth gives him a movement speed boost, making it harder for Juggernaut to catch him with Blade Fury. Doom’s ultimate ability, Doom, silences Juggernaut and prevents him from using his healing abilities. This greatly reduces Juggernaut’s survivability, especially when he relies on Blade Fury to dodge spells.

Bane: The Nightmare Bringer

Bane is one of the few supports that can withstand Juggernaut’s attacks. His Brain Sap goes through debuff immunity, allowing him to damage Juggernaut even during Blade Fury. Bane’s Nightmare can be used defensively to protect allies from Omnislash or as a setup to disable Juggernaut. His ultimate ability, Fiend’s Grip, is particularly effective against Juggernaut when he doesn’t have access to Blade Fury.

Skywrath Mage: The Arcane Annihilator

Skywrath Mage excels at dealing magic damage, making him a strong counter to Juggernaut. His long-duration silence can prevent Juggernaut from using dispel items and render him vulnerable to attacks. Skywrath Mage’s high burst damage can quickly eliminate Juggernaut, even through Blade Fury. Items like Scythe of Vyse and Ethereal Blade further enhance Skywrath Mage’s ability to counter Juggernaut.

Escaping Juggernaut

When Juggernaut uses Blade Fury, heroes with escape abilities like Mirana’s Leap, Windranger’s Windrun, or Dark Seer’s Surge can easily avoid the damage. It’s important to run away as fast as possible while Blade Fury is active.

Killing Juggernaut

Juggernaut is vulnerable when Blade Fury is on cooldown. This is the perfect time to use disable and nuke abilities to harass or kill him. Baiting Juggernaut to use Blade Fury and then ganking him with an ally can secure a kill.

Items to Counter Juggernaut

Items like Eul’s Scepter of Divinity or Ghost Scepter can nullify Juggernaut’s killing potential. These items are particularly useful for heroes without escape mechanisms. For more advanced players, Lotus Orb can reflect Omnislash if timed correctly.

Early Game Kills

To shut down Juggernaut, focus on securing kills against him in the early game. Rotate a mid player to his lane or pair up with a teammate who has nuke and disable abilities. Slowing down Juggernaut’s item progression will delay his power spike.

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