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Understanding the Best Agent Comp for Breeze in Valorant Ranked


Choosing the right agent composition is crucial for gaining an edge in your next Valorant ranked session on the unique and expansive map of Breeze. With its wide-open spaces, long sightlines, and multiple entryways to the spike sites, a strategic approach is necessary. In this article, we will explore the best agents for each class that are tailor-made for Breeze, providing valuable insights to help you outplay your opponents.

The Perfect Duelist for Breeze: Jett

Jett is the ideal duelist for Breeze due to its Operator-centric nature. With spots like A Site, A Halls, Mid, and B Site being perfect for an Operator user, Jett excels as the team’s Op user. She can also use her Cloudburst smoke to create cover for herself when entering or pushing out on defense. Her Updraft ability allows her to gain a better vantage point with an Operator, while Tailwind can save her from dangerous positions. Jett’s strategic maneuvers and quick flank plays make her a valuable asset on Breeze.

The Best Initiator for Breeze: Skye

While Sova is a solid choice for Breeze, Skye offers greater team value with her versatile abilities. Her Guiding Light flash not only blinds enemies and delays their push but also reveals their positions, providing crucial map control. Additionally, Skye’s Trailblazer is excellent for clearing tight spaces and stunning enemies holding off angles. She can further support her team by healing wounded teammates and deploying Seekers to pinpoint the enemy team’s location.

The Best Sentinel Agent for Breeze: Cypher

Sage and Killjoy are viable picks for Breeze, but Cypher’s ability to leave Trapwires and Spycam anywhere on the map is highly valuable. With the spike sites’ design, he can easily slip in and out of defensive locations using Cyber Cage. Neutralizing flank plays from attackers and defenders is pivotal on Breeze, and Cypher excels at gathering information without exposing himself to danger.

The Best Controller Agents for Breeze: Viper and Astra

Viper stands out as the top choice for a smoke agent on Breeze, adding significant value to your team composition. Her Toxic Screen wall becomes a formidable obstacle for attackers, strategically obstructing their line of sight at the narrow entry points of A and B sites. Viper can also impede aggressive enemy pushes with Snake Bite. On the offensive side, she excels at blocking defenders’ sightlines and securing the round with post plant lineups using Snake Bite. Her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, transforms Breeze’s open spaces into close-quarters engagements, discouraging the enemy team from approaching the site.

Astra is an honorable mention for a smoke agent on Breeze due to the extensive reach of her Astral Form. She can place her Astral Stars anywhere on the map, regardless of her physical location. Astra effectively stalls enemy advances on defense and assists in uncovering concealed corners on offense. Her ultimate denies defenders vision and is a great tool for post-plant situations.

The Best Agents in Each Class for Breeze

Class Agent
Duelist Jett
Controller Viper, Astra
Sentinel Cypher
Initiator Skye, Sova

By selecting the best agent comp for Breeze, you can maximize your team’s potential and gain a competitive advantage in Valorant ranked. Choose wisely and dominate the battlefield!



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