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Valentina: A Comprehensive Guide to Dominating Mobile Legends

Kelly Young

Valentina: The Night Prophetess

Valentina, the Prophetess of the Night, is a mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who possesses a unique ability to steal spells from enemy heroes. Her ultimate, I Am You, lets her copy the opponents’ ultimate abilities and use them against them. Moreover, her skill set allows her to deal burst damage, dish out crowd control, and grants her mobility. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play and dominate the game using Valentina.

Valentina’s Skills

Valentina has three main skills: Passive – Primal Force, First Skill – Shadow Strike, Second Skill – Arcane Shade, and an Ultimate – I Am You. Let’s take a closer look at each of these skills:

Passive – Primal Force

Valentina gains extra EXP each time she deals damage to an enemy hero, with a cooldown of two seconds. The EXP scales with her level. If the enemy hero’s level isn’t higher than Valentina’s, a percentage of the damage dealt is converted into her HP.

First Skill – Shadow Strike

Valentina casts Shadow Strike in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing them for a second. Enemy heroes hit by Shadow Strike are marked with a Shadow Sigil for a few seconds, and will be terrified when hit by Shadow Strike again within the duration. Shadow Strike is Valentina’s primary poking and farming spell. Get this at level one, and prioritize maxing it out.

Second Skill – Arcane Shade

Valentina dashes in the target direction, firing Shadow Bolts at nearby enemies that deal magic damage each. She can cast this skill again within a few seconds. The cooldown of Shadow Strike is reduced each time a Shadow Bolt hits an enemy. Arcane Shade is her mobility spell. Use it to initiate your attack, pursue enemies, or escape from them.

Ultimate – I Am You

Valentina greatly slows the target enemy hero for a moment, and gains the ability to cast their ultimate skill. Casting the enemy’s ultimate turns her into the enemy hero’s form, and allows her to inherit their basic attack type for up to several seconds. Her skills remain unchanged, unless the enemy’s ultimate has a morph effect. The stolen ultimate’s level will be equal to the level of I Am You, and has a higher cooldown in the first two skill levels. She gains physical attack based on her magic power for the duration if the enemy is a physical damage hero. This cannot be used on an enemy Valentina.

How to Play Valentina

To effectively play Valentina, follow these tips:

Recommended Battle Spell

Flicker is the most advantageous battle spell for Valentina as it allows her to effectively execute her stolen ability. Additionally, it gives her another means to chase down enemies or escape from dangerous situations. Alternatively, Flameshot can be used to finish off opponents with low health or push away enemies that are closing in on her.

Recommended Emblem

The Mage emblem is recommended for Valentina as it maximizes her magic damage potential. Choose Inspire for cooldown reduction in the first tier, and Bargain Hunter or Pull Yourself Together in the next tier. Lethal Ignition is the primary talent to enhance her damage output.

Valentina’s Best Build

To maximize Valentina’s damage potential, focus on enhancing her mana pool, magic power, and cooldown reduction. The recommended build includes Clock of Destiny, Magic Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Lightning Truncheon, Divine Glaive, and Holy Crystal. Winter Truncheon or Immortality can be added for survivability if needed.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the early game, poke your opponent using Shadow Strike and Arcane Shade to pressure them to retreat from the lane and hinder their farming efficiency. Use Shadow Strike first when engaging an enemy to maximize the cooldown reduction provided by Arcane Shade. Once you have acquired your ultimate, I Am You, carefully select an enemy hero with a powerful ultimate spell and use it strategically to shift the tide of battle.

The Best Heroes to Counter Valentina

Here are three heroes that can counter Valentina effectively:

Hero Counter Ability
Chou His ultimate, The Way of the Dragon, can interrupt Valentina’s ultimate and prevent her from copying enemy abilities.
Khufra His ultimate, Tyrant’s Rage, can stun Valentina and disrupt her combos.
Esmeralda Her passive ability, Starmoon Casket, can absorb Valentina’s magic damage and reduce her effectiveness in team fights.


Valentina is a powerful mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with the ability to steal spells from enemy heroes. By mastering her skills and utilizing her ultimate effectively, she can dominate the game and lead her team to victory. Remember to choose the right battle spell, emblem, and build to enhance her abilities. Keep practicing and experimenting with different strategies to unleash Valentina’s full potential on the battlefield.


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