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7 Hidden Easter Eggs in Netflix’s Tekken Bloodline Anime

Samuel Crossley

Netflix’s Tekken Bloodline anime reveals the untold story of Jin Kazama and his mysterious martial arts lineage. Packed with nearly three decades of lore, the series includes some secret references that diehard Tekken fans will appreciate. Here are 7 hidden Easter eggs you probably didn’t know about:

The Origin of Jin Kazama’s Flame Pants

Jin Kazama’s iconic flame pants are not inspired by Guy Fieri, as some may think. In the series, it is revealed that Jin chose the flame design as a reminder of his mother’s sacrifice. The flames symbolize the fire that destroyed their house during Jun’s battle with Ancient Ogre. Jin had to earn the approval of his grandfather, Heihachi, before he could wear the fiery pants.

Floor and Wall Breaks in Tekken Combat

In Tekken Bloodline, characters often break walls and floors during fights. This is not just for show, but an important gameplay mechanic in the Tekken series. Breaking walls and floors allows players to extend their combos and gain an advantage over their opponents. Certain stages in the game are known for having multiple breaks, such as Howard Estate and Forgotten Realm.

Dr. Bosconovitch’s Role in Tekken

Dr. Bosconovitch may appear as a harmless scientist, but he is more than meets the eye. In addition to being Heihachi’s lackey, he is also a playable fighter in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He is responsible for creating fighters for the Tekken tournament, including bio-weapons like Alex and Roger. He also creates an android named Alisa in Tekken 6.

Character-Specific Moves in the Anime

The Tekken Bloodline anime does a great job of showcasing character-specific moves from the game. From Jin’s Electric Wind God Fist to Julia’s Lashing Arrow, fans will recognize these iconic moves in the series. King and Paul Phoenix also trade blows with their signature moves, such as the Rolling Sobat and Phoenix Smasher.

Xiaoyu’s Connection to Mishima Polytech

In the series, it is revealed that Ling Xiaoyu is a student of Mishima Polytech. This plays a significant role in the downfall of Heihachi’s company, Mishima Zaibatsu. Xiaoyu enters the Tekken tournament to find Jin and uncover the dark truth behind Mishima Zaibatsu after receiving a warning email in Tekken 4. Despite this, she still considers Heihachi her mentor.

Ki-Charge and Rage Mechanics

In Tekken Bloodline, characters can be seen glowing red or yellow during fights. This represents the ki-charge mechanic in the game, which grants bonus attack properties. Additionally, the series showcases the Rage mechanic, where characters have a glowing red aura when their health is low. This mechanic increases the damage output of their moves.

The Afterlife in Tekken 7’s Infinite Azure

In a poignant moment in the series, Jin reunites with his deceased mother in what appears to be the afterlife. The serene blue sky and sunset background bear similarities to Tekken 7’s Infinite Azure stage. This stage is known for its infinite space and is not used for fights in the game’s story mode, suggesting a connection to the afterlife.

These hidden Easter eggs in Tekken Bloodline add depth and nostalgia for fans of the long-running fighting game series. The anime pays homage to the game’s mechanics, characters, and lore, making it a must-watch for Tekken enthusiasts.



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