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Get to Know the Fighters of Tekken Bloodline

Kelly Young

Kazuya Mishima: The Ominous Threat

Kazuya Mishima, the son of Heihachi Mishima and father of Jin Kazama, is a menacing presence in the world of Tekken. With the Devil Gene running through his veins, he possesses superhuman strength and demonic powers. Although he remains in the background during the first season, his influence on the story is undeniable.

Jin Kazama: The Rising Star

Jin Kazama takes center stage as the main character of Tekken Bloodline. As the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, he grapples with his dual heritage and struggles to find his own fighting style. Trained in both the defensive Kazama style and the offensive Mishima clan techniques, Jin embarks on a journey to prove himself in the third King of the Iron Fist tournament.

Jun Kazama: The Voice of Reason

Jun Kazama, Jin’s mother and a karate instructor, returns in Tekken Bloodline as a supporting character. She provides guidance and acts as a voice of reason for her son, urging him to find balance between the Kazama and Mishima fighting styles.

Ancient Ogre: The Terrifying Giant

Ancient Ogre, the formidable boss character of Tekken Bloodline, is shrouded in mystery. Its origins remain unknown, but certain characters discover that it can be summoned using an ancient pendant.

Ganryu: Heihachi’s Right-Hand Man

Ganryu, the sumo wrestler of Tekken, serves as Heihachi Mishima’s loyal bodyguard in the anime series. While he remains mostly on the sidelines during the first season, fans can anticipate his fighting skills to be showcased in the upcoming second season.

Heihachi Mishima: The Grumpy Grandpa

Heihachi Mishima, Jin’s last living family member, may come across as cold-hearted, but he acts as a wise mentor to the young fighter. As the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Heihachi always prioritizes his own interests.

Hwoarang: Jin’s Rival Turned Ally

Hwoarang, a Taekwondo specialist, initially starts off as Jin Kazama’s biggest rival. However, their paths cross again during the King of the Iron Fist tournament, and they develop a surprising camaraderie.

Ling Xiaoyu: Jin’s Supportive Friend

Ling Xiaoyu, Jin’s close friend from high school, plays a significant role in Tekken Bloodline. Their relationship goes beyond mere crushes, as Xiaoyu provides emotional support and engages in heartfelt conversations with Jin about family and self-esteem.

Other Fighters in the Tournament

Throughout the series, various other fighters join the third King of the Iron Fist tournament. These include classic characters like Yoshimitsu, Marshall Law, and Julia Chang, as well as newcomers such as Leroy Smith. Paul Phoenix and Julia Chang become confidants for Jin, revealing the true intentions behind Heihachi’s plans.

King I and II: The Wrestling Duo

Tekken Bloodline introduces both King I and King II, two luchadors with a shared legacy. King I, the original wrestler, fought in tournaments to support orphans worldwide but tragically met his end at the hands of Ancient Ogre. King II, an orphan under King I’s care, takes up the mantle and continues his predecessor’s mission.

Dr. Bosconovitch: The Eccentric Scientist

Dr. Bosconovitch, a peculiar scientist, joins Heihachi’s research team in Tekken Bloodline. Tasked with studying the supernatural powers of Ancient Ogre, he adds an element of intrigue to the story.

True Ogre: The Monstrous Transformation

In the final episode, Ancient Ogre undergoes a terrifying transformation into True Ogre. With horns, giant wings, and a living snake for an arm, this monstrous creature poses a formidable threat. While its ability to absorb fighting styles is not showcased in the series, True Ogre exhibits its monstrous qualities in battle.

Devil Jin: Unleashing the Inner Demon

When Jin Kazama discovers Heihachi’s true intentions, he taps into his inner darkness and transforms into Devil Jin. This bloodthirsty form combines Jin’s Kazama parries with the offensive Mishima style, unleashing devastating moves like the Electric Wind God Fist and hellsweep. Devil Jin also possesses the ability to shoot lasers and fly.

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