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Attack on Titan: Complete List of Nine Titans and Their Powers

Samuel Crossley

The Nine Titans: Unleashing Power and Destruction

Embark on a journey through the Attack on Titan universe as we explore the nine superpowered titans and their formidable abilities. These titans, with their unique powers, pose a great threat to the Survey Corps. Let’s delve into the complete list of these intelligent titans, including their powers and inheritors.

Armored Titan: Unbreakable Defense

The Armored Titan, introduced alongside the Colossus Titan, is known for its impenetrable defense. Reiner Braun is the sole inheritor of this titan, which possesses tough skin plates that make it nearly invulnerable to attacks. However, the armor slows down its movements. By shedding some armor plates, the user can increase their speed. The Armored Titan can also create crystal-like hardening, as seen during the Battle of Shiganshina.

Attack Titan: The Titan of Freedom

The Attack Titan holds a unique power: future memory inheritance. While all Nine Titans can access the memories of past inheritors, only the Attack Titan can receive memories from future inheritors. This titan has fought for freedom across generations. Eren Yeager, the current inheritor, has demonstrated various abilities, including quick regeneration and the ability to create crystal-like hardening.

Beast Titan: Unleashing the Animal Within

The Beast Titan, wielded by Zeke Yeager, possesses animalistic powers. With its ape-like appearance, the Beast Titan has the ability to turn Subjects of Ymir into titans by screaming, but only if they have consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid. It can also command titans temporarily and has incredible throwing abilities. Zeke’s royal blood enhances these powers, making him a formidable opponent.

Cart Titan: Mobility and Endurance

The Cart Titan, inherited by Pieck Finger, excels in mobility and endurance. It serves as a swift transportation vehicle during battles, allowing soldiers to move quickly in and out of firefights. The Cart Titan moves on all fours, scaling buildings and walls effortlessly. Pieck can also equip the titan with various weapons using a harness, making it a versatile asset on the battlefield.

Colossus Titan: Towering Destruction

The Colossus Titan, the largest of the Nine Titans, stands at a towering 60 meters. Bertholdt Hoover, its first inheritor, showcased its immense size and power. The Colossus Titan emits clouds of steam to repel attackers and generates blasts comparable to nuclear explosions. Its strength is unmatched, but its slow movements make it an easy target for the Survey Corps. Armin Arlett is the current inheritor of this colossal titan.

Female Titan: Jack of All Trades

Don’t be fooled by the Female Titan’s appearance. Currently wielded by Annie Leonhart, this titan possesses the abilities of the other Nine Titans if it consumes a part of them. It can create crystal-like hardening and control titans to some extent by screaming. Annie once used this power to escape from the Survey Corps’ trap by attracting titans to devour her titan form.

Founding Titan: The Ultimate Power

The Founding Titan is considered the strongest and most formidable of the Nine Titans. It has the power to create and control titans at will, without the need for transformation. Inheritors of the Founding Titan can manipulate memories and anatomies of all Subjects of Ymir. Eren Yeager, the current Founding Titan, used his telepathic abilities to communicate with all Subjects of Ymir and announce his plans for the Rumbling.

Jaw Titan: Speed and Agility

The Jaw Titan, the smallest of the Nine Titans, possesses incredible speed and agility. Its hardened jaw can bite through structures and even shatter the crystallization produced by other special titans. With sharp claws and talons, it can scale buildings and slash opponents with ease. Falco Grice is the current inheritor of the Jaw Titan, which also has the unique ability of flight.

War Hammer Titan: Master of Weaponry

The War Hammer Titan excels in weapon combat, producing structures and weapons out of hardened titan flesh. Lara Tybur, the previous inheritor, demonstrated this power by suspending Eren in the air and creating spears and a war hammer during their battle. Unlike other titans, the War Hammer Titan can be operated remotely, connected to the user by a cord of flesh. Eren currently possesses this titan’s power.

Explore the world of Attack on Titan and witness the epic battles between these nine powerful titans and the Survey Corps. Each titan brings a unique set of abilities, making them formidable foes in the fight for survival.



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