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Become a Master of Zilong: The Spear of Dragon

Samuel Crossley

Unleash the Power of Zilong, the Easy-to-Play Fighter Hero

If you’re looking for a powerful and straightforward hero to dominate the EXP lane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, look no further than Zilong, the Spear of Dragon. With his assassin-like playstyle, Zilong can swiftly eliminate squishy heroes and wreak havoc on the enemy’s backline. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Zilong, including his skills, best build, emblem recommendation, battle spells, and essential combos.

Master Zilong’s Skills for Maximum Impact

Zilong’s skills are designed to make him a formidable force on the battlefield. His passive ability, Dragon Flurry, allows him to heal himself and deal extra damage with every third basic attack. This makes him incredibly durable during the laning phase. His first skill, Spear Flip, throws enemies over his head, dealing damage and setting up for devastating combos. Spear Strike, his second skill, not only deals damage but also reduces the enemy’s physical defense. Finally, his ultimate, Supreme Warrior, grants him increased movement and attack speed, as well as immunity to slows. This skill is perfect for engaging in team fights or escaping sticky situations.

Recommended Battle Spells and Emblem

To maximize Zilong’s potential, we recommend using the Inspire battle spell. This spell increases his attack speed and physical penetration, allowing him to trigger Dragon Flurry more frequently. If the enemy team has many crowd control heroes, Cleanse can be a wise choice to ensure Zilong doesn’t get caught out of position. As for emblems, the assassin emblem works best for Zilong, as it enhances his offensive capabilities. Rupture and Weapons Master are the recommended talents to further boost his damage output.

Build Your Zilong for Victory

When it comes to building Zilong, a combination of attack speed and critical damage is highly effective. Start with Windtalker to enhance your wave clearing speed, then progress to Great Dragon Spear and Berserker’s Fury for increased damage. Blade of Despair and either Demon Hunter Sword or Malefic Roar complete the build. Alternatively, you can opt for the trinity attack speed build, consisting of Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff. Both builds ensure that your basic attacks pack a punch.

Mastering Zilong’s Combos

To dominate the laning phase, use Spear Strike to last hit minions and harass enemy heroes with Spear Flip when they get too close. Once you reach level four, activate Supreme Warrior and swiftly gank the enemy mage in the midlane. During team fights, initiate with Spear Strike to reduce the enemy’s physical defense, then follow up with Spear Flip to stun your target. Finish them off with basic attacks. Repeat this combo on multiple enemy heroes for maximum impact.

Remember, practice makes perfect. With dedication and skill, you can become a master of Zilong and lead your team to victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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