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Become the King of the Desert


Khaleed: The Desert Scimitar

Khaleed, also known as the Desert Scimitar, is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who has the power to control the sands. His unique abilities allow him to deal area-of-effect damage and make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. With his passive skill, Sand Walk, and his repositioning ability with Desert Tornado, Khaleed can stick to his enemies and dominate the game.

Mastering Khaleed’s Skills

Passive – Sand Walk

Khaleed’s passive skill, Sand Walk, allows him to accumulate Desert Power while moving. Once fully charged, he will slide on the sand, increasing his movement speed and enhancing his next basic attack. This attack cannot critically strike, but it reduces the target’s movement speed for a short duration. Sand Walk also causes Khaleed to dash towards a targeted hero or the nearest enemy unit. It is crucial to incorporate this enhanced basic attack, dash, and slow trail into your combo.

First Skill – Desert Tornado

Desert Tornado is Khaleed’s bread and butter skill. He whirls his scimitar, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and pulling them towards him. Each time he hits an enemy, he can leap in the direction of his movement and cast this skill again, up to three times. The damage increases with each cast. It’s important to land Desert Tornado on an enemy hero to maximize its effectiveness. After each cast, you can reposition Khaleed to optimize your combo. Remember to weave in an auto attack between each cast.

Second Skill – Quicksand Guard

Quicksand Guard is a defensive skill that allows Khaleed to protect himself with the power of quicksand. It restores his lost HP and Desert Power while reducing damage taken for a few seconds. While channeling this skill, quicksand appears under Khaleed’s feet, slowing enemies. However, be cautious as crowd control effects can interrupt this skill and stop the HP regeneration. Timing is crucial when using Quicksand Guard, as it can turn the tide of team fights if used effectively.

Ultimate – Raging Sandstorm

Raging Sandstorm is Khaleed’s ultimate ability. He rides a sandstorm and charges towards a designated location, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way and knocking them towards his destination. Khaleed is immune to control effects during this process. Upon reaching the destination, he smashes the ground, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area, stunning them, and fully charging his Desert Power. Use Raging Sandstorm as an engage tool to maximize its AoE damage potential. It can also be used as an escape mechanism in dire situations.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Khaleed

Recommended Battle Spell

Flicker is a versatile battle spell that can give you an advantage in various situations. It can be used to initiate fights, chase down opponents, or retreat from danger. Additionally, you can use it to reposition yourself while using Quicksand Guard. Alternatively, Execute can be chosen for extra damage to finish off enemies with low health.

Recommended Emblem

The Assassin emblem is recommended for Khaleed as it provides significant amounts of adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. This allows you to dominate your opponent in the lane. However, if you have an unfavorable matchup, the Fighter emblem can be used for spell vamp, adaptive attack, and hybrid defense to enhance your sustainability.

Khaleed’s Best Build

– Warrior Boots: Provides extra cooldown reduction, which is beneficial for chaining Desert Tornado.
– Bloodlust Axe: Essential for Khaleed as it boosts physical attack, cooldown reduction, and spell vamp.
– Blade of Despair: Increases physical attack and provides a significant damage boost.
– Oracle: Enhances HP regeneration and provides decent magic defense stats.
– Dominance Ice: Improves survivability in team fights and reduces enemy attack speed.
– Immortality: Provides a second chance at life by reviving Khaleed after being eliminated.

Easy Combos to Learn

In the early game, use Desert Tornado to pressure your opponent in the lane. Cast Quicksand Guard in a safe location to replenish your HP and gain an advantage in trades. At level four, initiate your offense by using Raging Sandstorm to close the gap between you and your enemy. Follow up with an enhanced basic attack from Sand Walk, then deal damage with Desert Tornado. Use Execute to finish off your target if they survive your combo.

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