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Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Julian in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang



Julian is a unique and rewarding mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As the fourth hero in the Forsaken Light series, he is known as the Scarlet Raven and is considered the hardest hero to master in the EXP lane due to his unique skill set. Unlike other heroes, Julian has no ultimate ability, but he can level up his third skill right from the start. Each of his skills also has an enhanced version that can be used after activating any two skills. With a lot of skill combos and advantages during team fights, mastering Julian requires quick thinking and practice.

Julian’s Skills

  • Passive – Smith’s Legacy: After casting two different skills, Julian enhances his third skill. He can also upgrade each of his skills to level five. Casting an enhanced skill puts all his skills on a seven-second cooldown. His basic attacks are enhanced for five seconds after casting an enhanced skill, pulling the enemy closer to him. Julian also gains extra magic lifesteal for five seconds each time he hits an enemy hero with his skills, stacking up to three times.
  • Skill 1 – Scythe: Julian hurls a flying scythe in a target direction, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them. The enhanced effect inflicts a more punishing slow effect and continues to deal damage to nearby enemies after hitting a non-minion enemy.
  • Skill 2 – Sword: Julian summons a flying sword and dashes in a target direction, dealing damage to enemies. The enhanced effect summons a large number of flying swords, makes Julian briefly invincible, and reappears at the farthest end of his dash.
  • Skill 3 – Chain: Julian casts a chain at a target location, dealing damage to enemies and immobilizing them. The enhanced effect deals continuous damage, slows enemies, and knocks them airborne if they are still in the area at the end of the skill duration.

How to Play Julian

Recommended Battle Spell

Execute is a powerful spell for Julian, boosting his early-game killing potential and effectiveness in team fights. Retribution is also a good choice for securing objectives quickly when playing as a jungler.

Recommended Emblem Set

The mage emblem set is recommended for Julian, as it boosts his magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration. Talents such as agility, bargain hunter, and lethal ignition enhance his early-game capabilities and synergize effectively with his skill set.

Best Build for Julian

As a mage hero, focus on magic items for Julian. Start with Genius Wand for increased magic damage, followed by Concentrated Energy for spell vamp and Divine Glaive for magic penetration. After these core items, adjust your build based on the dynamics of the game. Consider defensive items for increased survivability or more magic damage items if you are ahead.

Recommended Build for Julian

  • Arcane Boots (with Ice Retribution if you are a jungler)
  • Genius Wand
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Divine Glaive
  • Feather of Heaven
  • Holy Crystal

The Best Combos for Julian

Once you reach level three, you can use the Sword, Chain, and enhanced Scythe combo to deal a lot of damage in the laning phase. This combo is also effective for securing kills in the mid to late game. If you are outnumbered, the Chain, Scythe, and Enhanced Sword combo allows you to dodge skills and either move closer or away from enemies without taking damage. During team fights, activate Scythe, Sword, and then Enhanced Chain to knock up multiple enemies. Remember to follow up with basic attacks after every enhanced skill to maximize your damage output. Julian’s passive also provides increased lifesteal, so fighting when your health is low can work to your advantage.

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Mastering Julian in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang requires practice and quick thinking. With his unique skill set and versatile combos, he can be a formidable mage hero in the EXP lane. Use the recommended battle spell, emblem set, and build to enhance Julian’s abilities and dominate the battlefield.


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