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Cecilion: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing the Embrace of Night in Mobile Legends


Cecilion, also known as the Embrace of Night, is a powerful hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is the lover of Carmilla and together they form a deadly duo on the battlefield. In this guide, we will explore Cecilion’s skills, tips for playing him effectively, and the best build to maximize his potential.

Cecilion’s Skills

Passive – Overflowing

Cecilion’s passive ability, Overflowing, grants him extra max mana and mana recovery whenever his skills hit an enemy. This means that the more mana he has, the more damage his skills will deal. To stack Overflowing, start using his first skill, Bat Impact, from level one. Aim to hit minions, jungle creeps, and enemy heroes to increase your stacks. During the early game, focus on accumulating stacks and refrain from attempting ganks in other lanes.

First Skill – Bat Impact

Bat Impact is Cecilion’s bread and butter skill. It commands a giant bat to dive at the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path and extra damage to those near the landing point. Each subsequent cast within a few seconds increases the mana cost of the skill. Maximize this skill by prioritizing its upgrades. Maintain distance between you and your target to ensure you can strike them at the landing point. Take advantage of the movement speed buff to reposition yourself strategically.

Second Skill – Sanguine Claws

Sanguine Claws summons a pair of opposing claws at the target location, pulling enemies towards the center while dealing magic damage and immobilizing them. This skill has a large area of effect and is effective for catching out foes in the jungle. Use it to scout for enemies hiding in bushes and to initiate team fights.

Ultimate – Bats Feast

Bats Feast is Cecilion’s ultimate ability. It unleashes his Blood Demon power, granting him extra movement speed and slow immunity. He fires bolts of blood energy at nearby enemies, dealing magic damage and slowing them. Each bolt also restores his HP on hit. Use this skill to open up team fights, trade blows with enemies, and reposition yourself strategically. It is your get out of jail card when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Special Skill – Moonlit Waltz

When Carmilla is nearby, Cecilion can summon her to become a Vermil Shadow around him, granting him a shield. Carmilla can choose to leave Cecilion and charge at the target location, gaining an equal shield while dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and slowing them. Communication is key when using this skill with Carmilla. Talk to your partner to ensure you don’t interrupt her combo and maximize its effectiveness. Moonlit Waltz is highly complementary as it allows Cecilion to provide extra protection and pull Carmilla out of trouble when needed.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

For Cecilion, Flicker is the most optimal choice for a battle spell. It provides mobility and allows you to escape from danger or chase down enemies. Alternatively, Flameshot can be used to finish off low-health enemies or push away pursuers.

The Mage emblem works best for Cecilion as it provides a significant amount of magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration. Choose Agility for extra movement speed and Weapon Master for additional magic power.

Cecilion’s Best Build

The recommended build for Cecilion is as follows:

1. Demon Shoes – Provides mana regeneration to sustain his skills.
2. Clock of Destiny – Increases mana, magic power, and HP. Build it early to reach max stacks quickly.
3. Lightning Truncheon – Increases mana and deals extra damage based on magic power.
4. Ice Queen Wand – Provides a slowing effect to control enemies.
5. Divine Glaive – Enhances magic penetration.
6. Immortality/Winter Truncheon – Improves survivability in the late game.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the laning phase, use Sanguine Claws followed by Bat Impact to accumulate Overflowing stacks while poking your opponent and clearing minion waves. Maintain awareness of your position and maximize your cast range. Activate Bats Feast before team fights to gain extra movement speed and spam your skills.

Remember to communicate with Carmilla when using Moonlit Waltz to ensure maximum effectiveness. She is the front line, while Cecilion positions himself behind and pulls her out of trouble when needed.

By following these tips and utilizing Cecilion’s skills effectively, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Good luck and embrace the night!


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