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Create Your Own Jujutsu Kaisen Domain with Funko Pop Figures


Transform your room into a Jujutsu Kaisen haven with adorable Funko Pop figures! These vinyl collectibles capture the essence of the major characters from the popular series, showcasing their unique poses and powers. Jujutsu Kaisen’s captivating story explores friendship, sacrifice, and the blurred line between good and evil in a world filled with curses and supernatural beings. With intense action and rich world-building, Jujutsu Kaisen deserves a place in every anime collection.

Increase the Value of Your Anime Collection

Add these Jujutsu Kaisen Funko Pop figures to your collection and watch its value soar:

Character Funko Pop Figure
Yuji Itadori Black Flash
Yuji Itadori Divergent Fist
Satoru Gojo Training
Yuji Itadori & Aoi Todo Dynamic Duo
Ryomen Sukuna Legendary Curse
Megumi Fushiguro Divine Dog
Nobara Kugisaki Hammer & Nails
Nobara Kugisaki Resonance
Suguru Geto Former Friend Turned Antagonist
Satoru Gojo Domain Expansion
Mahito Embodiment of Hatred

Yuji Itadori: Unleash Devastating Strikes

As the vessel for Sukuna, Yuji Itadori combines cursed energy with martial arts prowess to deliver powerful blows. The Black Flash technique showcases his formidable skills.

Yuji Itadori: Master the Divergent Fist

Yuji’s self-developed technique, the Divergent Fist, allows him to strike with cursed energy, delivering two impacts with a single punch.

Satoru Gojo: Witness Remarkable Training

In an iconic scene, Satoru Gojo discovers Yuji’s remarkable progress in the basement during his fight with Jogo.

Yuji Itadori & Aoi Todo: From Adversaries to Allies

Yuji and Aoi Todo’s complex relationship evolves from adversaries to mutual respect as they face common enemies and recognize each other’s strengths.

Ryomen Sukuna: The Legendary Curse

Ryomen Sukuna, a malevolent being with a dark history, becomes an unwilling part of Yuji’s journey after he consumes one of Sukuna’s cursed fingers.

Megumi Fushiguro: Summon Divine Dogs

Megumi specializes in summoning Shikigami, animal-like spirits that aid him in battles. His black divine dog is a powerful ally.

Nobara Kugisaki: Strategic Fighter with a Hammer

Nobara’s strategic fighting style combines her cursed technique with a metal hammer adorned with a heart, allowing her to strike foes at close range.

Nobara Kugisaki: Resonance Technique

Nobara’s Resonance technique, activated with her hammer and nails, establishes a connection with her target, preventing curses from escaping.

Suguru Geto: From Friend to Antagonist

Suguru Geto, once a friend and classmate of Satoru Gojo, turns into an antagonist, aligning himself with cursed spirits to reshape the world.

Satoru Gojo: The World’s Strongest Sorcerer

Satoru Gojo, known as the world’s strongest sorcerer, possesses extraordinary cursed energy and unique abilities, making him a captivating figure throughout the series.

Mahito: The Embodiment of Hatred

Mahito, an antagonist aligned with pseudo-Geto, views humans with disdain and seeks their extinction, considering himself the embodiment of humanity’s hatred.



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